Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Salutation #18

(On Iran in the context of the Middle East Peace)

To all our national communities, Peace.

I do not see the threat coming from Iran.
I see the threat coming from the perception of a threat coming from Iran.

Whether one may be reacting to this threat
as in the US or Israel,
or one may be inadvertently projecting this threat
as in the State of Iran,
it will make no difference to any party
as long as it feeds the perception.

The face of the Dragon of War seem veiled
- for a time -
but once the threshold is crossed
and War is let loose in our midst, O ye nations -
will it matter to any of us then
what its chosen pretense may have been?

When we shall be left to behold the face of the Dragon
and our world descends yet again into another age of turmoil
will it matter to any of us then, O ye nations,
as the maddening darkness engulfs our generations,
what choice lie it sold to our hearts?

When the sign appears, it shall be too late.

- selah -

War is a creature of deception.
The perception itself serves the spirit of War
and War serves no nation.

This perception having been built and solidified
by years and years of division
is the gravity that might pull that embattled region
or worse,
our needful world
back into a new age of conflict
and reap for our generations the pent-up rage
of 2000 years of War.

It can only be counteracted by undoing what harm
years and years of miscommunication and mistrust
have created in and between the parties concerned -
the affected nations and their Responsible States.

Something that the politics of any side
seem averse at doing at this time,
or worse incapable.

My honorable compatriots,
that whole region is aching for a change
and I am becoming more and more convinced
that this change may only be effected
as a person to person, people to people transition
from national attitudes ranging from either ignorance and/or indifference
to one of a total commitment to peace and authentic human community -
from star to star, one whole sky.

If we shall continue on with determination with the path of peace,
here in our nation and here in our region
and especially
in the context of the Middle East peace,
between Israel and the Palestinians,
I am personally convinced that this perception of a threat
will eventually undo itself -
to the benefit of all.

But if we allow ourselves
and consequently,
our one family of nations
to be strategically directed by this perception,
it shall eventually lead that embattled region
to a place it does not want to be -
to the regret of all.

My fellow Filipino compatriots,
I believe all nations of our one family have a stake
at ensuring a viable option does exist for that embattled region -
the choice of a meaningful, sustainable, durable peace.

Hence, it is important that we are able to preserve this peace in ourselves.

It is vital that we can hold on to its vision
of a better, kinder, brighter world for all nations
even as it directly relates to us here in the Philippines.

Therefore, it is just as important
that we are able to make a committed and principled stand
on matters directly affecting it (such as Iran)
and the region (Middle East Asia, specifically Jerusalem)
central to our attaining it.

For this reason, I have thought to share with you
my own opinion regarding the matter.

I suggest you think about it, pray about it,
and even share it (as well as your own opinions) amongst yourselves
(or with me - for I am one of you).

Be concerned about matters of the peace -
in our nation, in our region, in the Middle East, and in our world.

Our world is in a perilous state
and though calamity might seem distant to many of us
here in our own Country,
when it arrives, it shall come to claim our nation
and all those communities under its wing
- quickly -
and shall neither relent nor discern
between rich, poor, young, old, male or female
of any creed, family or tribal affiliation.
For War is a devourer of peoples.

Peace is the key to a better world.

Not the false peace of the age that is past,
nor appeasement in any sense -
Peace as a paradigm whole, O my nations,
which is peace rightfully understood -
the necessary peace that prospers, O my people,
the belonging that preserves our generations.

Terrorism is a crime not a cause.

Mabuhay po tayong lahat! Long may our remembrances serve us. God bless all our nations.

War in the Heart