Monday, January 2, 2012

Salutation #81

Kung walang corrupt, pwede na uling mangarap.

(Dream the Dream)

Dream the dream -
Encourage each other.

Expel the spirit of War
even while we are in the midst of it.

Expel the sins of the last great age of War
by our common ascent into the unity of Peace.

Re-establish the Republic from its roots
and know thy own Country to the last fruit.

Re-constitute our culture of peace and good will
and stretch it forth across all our 7,107 islands -

Reclaim our beloved archipelago from the darkness:

A Country led by a vision, bound by law -

An undertaking of human civilization wrought
upon the unknown earth by a people, faithful and true -

One nation, virtuous and free -

One nation fortified by history, unified by charity
and made meaningful in the truth.

One nation united across all our generations
into one labor, one heart, one destiny.

Strengthen this one nation - from the center -
manifesting a responsible citizenship, each to another;
one true belonging from among many other true belongings
faithful to God and to each other as keeper and friend.

Nurture the sheltering wings of our one Republic peace
growing in thy hope and in thy love and in thy labors
embracing all in All - until all is one vision -
and the rest is darkness.

Disown the darkness.
Defend against it.

Do not fight it.

Think about it -

It is human to fight for right causes. It is not human to fight against Justice.

It is human to know when to stop fighting. It is not human to forsake the cause of Peace.

It is human to hope for self and for others. It is not human to despair of either self or of others.

It is human to fight for love. It is not human to fight for hate. For when we fight for love, we defend. When we fight for hate, we only fight.