Thursday, January 19, 2012

Salutation #91

The Ages of Country
is a measure of the maturity of our Republic;
a measure of the brightness of our national remembrance.

From emerging to developing to developed to mature to ascended,
the development of our Country through its natural ages in time (the first four ages)
and its perfection in Eternity (the fifth age) can be likened to a tree
growing upon our one earth - in a garden of many trees.

It is deliberately conceived as a more harmonious alternative
better suited to the unitive spirit of the times
than the implicitly divisive three worlds, one earth model
that projects a first, second, and third world.

We shall be aiming precisely for the fourth age - a mature Republic.

(The Fourth Age)

I can not see our Country
as anything else but a mature democracy -
a work of the truly free:

A hardy shelter of peace,
with wings strong enough to embrace
the whole of our one Filipino nation
- from least to great and great to least -
and spirit mighty enough to carry our one Republic forth
- across the vast wilderness of exile time -
from generation to generation,
from strength to strength,
and from truth to truth,
till all things in time are begun again by God
at the summit of our common Ascent
and the beginning of all things new.

Remembrance: The Ages of Country