Monday, January 2, 2012

Salutation #82

2012 is going to be a very difficult road.

Our only safety is our unity.

a nation is meant not only to overcome these trials
but to prevail against the unknown earth
- and - as one family,
transform it into a world
so full of living lights.


A short word on 2012 -

First of all,
do not be overly anxious.

Do not trade reason for superstition.
Neither allow your faith be undone with fear.

We all know there is much to be concerned about this year of years.

So let me assure you - here and now -
even at the headwaters,
that despite all of these fears,
2012 shall be what we make of it.

For we are a nation, my people - we belong.

No nation upon this earth is ruled by random chance.
Neither is our Eternal belongings - one to another -
established by our God and true Sovereign
for purposes that are manifestly evil;
that lead to our ultimate undoing.
For all things come together for the good
for all who love and fear the LORD!

And we are a nation, my people - we belong.

So welcome 2012 -
bring on your troubles and your trials,
let in all your overcast days, your doom and gloom,
let loose your tempest and your buffeting fury
and let this temper us in our nationhood.

Let your uncertainly make us certain.

Because the journey toward all our tomorrows
must now begin today.