Friday, January 6, 2012

Salutation #85

Lead us back to you, O LORD, that we may be restored:
give us anew such days as we had of old.

For now you have indeed rejected us,
and in full measure turned your wrath against us.

Lamentations 5: 21-22

(Law and Justice)

The practice of law is the practice of justice.

It is one act of charity.

Law is the breadth
and justice is the depth,
mercy is the awesome completeness
of its embrace in Man.

The depths of Man knows justice
- where and when it is present -
but more acutely
when and where it is absent.

The breadth of law
is the force that shapes
the destiny of nations
and guides each the order of it - across time,
keeping its necessary discipline
and exact form distinct
from the chaos
and the emptiness of the void.

Both law and justice is completed in mercy
and mercy perfected in charity,
even the charity of God.

For as long the soul of Man pines for God,
the heart of Man longs for justice;
for as long the heart of Man longs for justice,
the Law of the LORD exists!

And the laws of the nations derive their authority from it.

For further reflection -

If law is a container,
then justice is the water.

How full it is depends on the water.
How satisfying it is depends on the container.
One can not be without the other. 

For a container without water
brings no comfort to the thirsty
and water without a container
sinks afoul into corruption.