Friday, January 6, 2012

Longing for Peace

This is my entry for the current OPAPP contest (to win a 2012 planner) - the question that is being fielded today through Twitter is this:

What's your own forecast for the GPH-MILF peace process?

This is my answer -

I long for the day when the rule of War is broken and peace to reign in our Country - I long for it like I long for breath.

Simply put, if you - like me - know the value of peace, we can not but say that the peace process must succeed. (And it eventually will because if the nations of the LORD don't do it, God Himself shall accomplish His purpose for all our nations.)

The real question here is when?

For "when" is ruled by how faithful our desire for the truth - by our remembrance of the Day.

If we are truly sincere, my brother and sister Filipinos, and if we remain steadfast in our desire for the daybreak of peace to finally dawn upon our Land of the Morning, being merciful and kind to our own true selves as a people upon this earth, the truth shall soon arrive - for us.

For peace is the purpose we are here as a nation; the sooner we remember why we are and who we must be, the sooner we shall arrive at that place in time where the dawn meets our dreams - together this time.

Oh, and I would really, really love a planner - thanks!