Thursday, January 12, 2012

Salutation #87

Judgment is the faculty of our soul - that -
deals with separating truth from untruth;
Light from Darkness.


To remove or to acquit?

Let me tell you this - decide.

Let us decide - and -
let us defend our decision together.

No nation is ruled by random chance.

There will be consequences
for every decision
we take* as a Country - good or bad.

(*Individual citizens make decisions,
our Congress takes them - in the context of this trial,
this means our incumbent citizen-servants
in the Senate, our Senator-Judges.
This is very important to understand.)

But if our immutable will - is -
to be true to the purpose
our God has established us, a nation
- imperfect though we may be -
all these imperfect choices
the LORD shall deign to bless.

And these shall ultimately lead our nation
- from generation to generation -
unto the Dawn!

For it is not we
who leads unto the Dawn, my people,
it is the LORD!

Personally speaking,
as your fellow citizen equally engaged
in this one Republic undertaking of Country,
I am ultimately inclined
to support our President Noy
for it is my conviction - that -
I must always defer to the Office
upon whose necessary authority
- every one of our presidents -
stands before we, the people.

- selah -

(I have other reasons
to support President Noy
- but they are wholly personal -
and so I shall exclude them
here in our consideration.)

But - good or bad - ultimately,
it is your choices we must defend, O my people,
so make these choices well and - decide.

Think about it -

(Refer to our 2nd Monthly Exercise)

Whatever happens here, we can not exclude a Filipino from being a Filipino.

We still have to take care of each other.

We are expected to only choose our friends, this is the only correct choice.

So we must - with all peoples and with all nations, abide in peace and good will. Our enemies make themselves.

For our values are the values of peace.

NOTE: A representative democracy does not exclude the participation of the people so make an informed decision and let your representatives know - write them, text them, twitter them, or pm them in facebook - express your opinions through the right channels. Above all, we must stand together as one nation.

On the first day of trial, at the closing - Senator Enrile was right to caution us about who we are - we are a nation, not a mob. (20120116)

- selah -

I will cherish and understand our Republic endeavor - it is the foundation of our democratic processes in the political, social and juridical institutions and representative traditions that maintain the good order of our public peace that shelter and preserve the life of our civil society.

And I shall maintain a constant vigilance over our democracy, participating in the labors that enrich and advance the peace of our Republic, seeking every means available, to pursue the the common good of our people and realize the eternal vision of our nation established in our Constitution.

(excerpted from Citizenship with Fidelity)

(20120123) The uncertainty being braved through by our peers in the senate chamber - our senator-judges, the prosecution, as well as the defense - about this whole impeachment trial is proof of its own significance.

For we are making a path here where there was none.

It is a path that if it is crafted properly and tread justly, with the utmost care about all those concerned (the nation not excepted), shall serve as a comfort and a guide for those generations who yet to stand at the helm of our great and noble Republic undertaking.

Yes, it is important!

Let us pray it concludes decisively.

The National Minimum