Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Citizenship with Fidelity

I believe in our people - We, the Philippines, every ethnic tribe that make us into one common community; one lineage of hope, 7,107 islands strong.

And I recognize in myself and in each of my compatriots, the strength and the spirit that bind us together as one Filipino nation.

I shall be obedient to my parents and faithful to my God that I may learn to love virtue and the good of others.

For I shall strive to be useful to my nation and shall work hard to bring honor and joy to my family, to my school, to my teachers and to my community.

I shall always remember the experiences of our history that forged for our people, one common destiny.

And I shall walk forever in this remembrance, deriving from the sacred memory of our heroes, one common identity.

I shall keep true
to my common identity, it is the reality upon which is established the sacred trust that binds the lives, the labors and the fortunes of all Filipinos together into one lineage of hope; one common citizenry.

And I will honor this sacred trust and work to fulfill this hope in myself as a citizen of our Republic endeavor, drawing from the same unyielding strength that have empowered the labors of every Filipino of every generation.

I will cherish and understand our Republic endeavor - it is the foundation of our democratic processes in the political, social and juridical institutions and representative traditions that maintain the good order of our public peace that shelter and preserve the life of our civil society.

And I shall maintain a constant vigilance over our democracy, participating in the labors that enrich and advance the peace of our Republic, seeking every means available, to pursue the the common good of our people and realize the eternal vision of our nation established in our

I shall be brave in the defense of our Republic peace and preserve with my honor and my life, the truth of our Constitution and the life of our generations.

And so I shall embrace forever all of these duties that I owe to that undying dream of freedom for myself and for all Filipinos being willing to freely and humanly carry them out, with much faith in God and steadfast trust in our Country, kindled forever like a flame in my heart and in the hearts of all my Filipino compatriots -

from always to always.

Coat of Arms of the Republic of the Philippines