Sunday, September 5, 2010


I have no idea how to begin this...

First of all, this blog is a continuation of the conversation we were already having on Planet Annelies. But this time, I am having this conversation with you, my nation - WE, the Philippines.

There is an entire ethos behind this conversation, O my nation. And I would that you bear with me on this as I begin to tell you about these things...

Old Compliant

Today, I would like to tell you about "Old Compliant":

Old Compliant is the false image of Old Defiant. It is everything we are not supposed to be.

It is always good to meditate upon those things we are not, O my nation, so that we may put all of our energies into achieving for ourselves and our generations who we should become in time - who we have always been in eternity.

The way of the world is evil and cunning. And those who have come comply with its mercenary ways have consequently come to adopt it.

We do not belong to this crooked way.

Our nation belongs not unto this world. In fact, no nation does.

Our being here as nations is a test of our belonging together as citizens to each other. It is a test of how committed we are as human beings to achieve the purpose of our being together in time - of how strongly we desire to build upon the peace of the LORD, our God, the humble beginnings of newer, better, and brighter things.

None of us is perfect but that's why we have the shelter of our togetherness and peace. Like the stars in the night sky, we are by the light of each other, one whole sky.

We are not meant to achieve a perfect peace upon this earth at this time but we are expected to embrace this truth as perfectly as we can - for God and Country.

For all of humanity were meant for better days - much better days. But to achieve this we have to go through this world together as transients - exile nations.

The way of the world says this desolation is all there is and for two thousand years till midnight hitherto we have been awaiting for our time to come:

This is our time - Old Compliant we are not.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas. God bless us all.