Monday, September 13, 2010


Crystal Blue Sphere

I saw in a vision, a crystal blue sphere, shining with a multitude of living lights. The vision came to me quite abruptly while I was awake in the day, riding a jeep home from work.

The vision stayed for a time before me as I wondered. I wondered at how wondrous and beautiful beyond imagination it was that I thought I was seeing through the eyes of angels.

Then a darkness came over the vision and it seemed to me for an instant that it was no longer there. But it was, O my nation, before me was a world so overrun by sin and war that it was no longer distinct from the nothingness of the void - an unknown earth bereft of light, forsook by heaven, and forgot by God.

We are as nations as the angels have their choirs. Arrayed in time and space, we are but one family of nations. The family of humankind is so ordered.

Without this order, the labors of the earth shall become increasingly impossible to bear. And there is but one labor in time upon the earth - we are to build up from the unknown earth, the inhabited earth - our crystal blue sphere.

This work is our work, O my nation. It is the work we share with all the other kindred nations of the one brotherhood of Mankind.

It is but one work: The providential grace of God sustains it and all of creation, seen and unseen, bends with us according to it. For the will of the LORD is as such.

From the very least to the most responsible of all our kindred nations, we are but one family of nations and the work we do, O my nation, is but one work. For the will of the LORD is as such.

We are many and yet we are one. And not for war's sake do we stir but for peace: The peace of the LORD, our God - He Who is - one, peerless and eternal.

This is the peace which God promised our Father Abraham in time we would bring as a blessing to all the communities of Mankind - from star to star, at a time, times and half-a-time, one whole sky - the peace that prospers and matures; the peace of our nations.

And there are four Faithful Causes that align us toward the peace of our nations: Sacred Life (the Cause of God which is the first), Unity (the Cause of Law which is the second), Harmony (the Cause of Justice which is the third) and Benignity (the Cause of Minorities which is the fourth).

We have the unprecedented opportunity, O my nation, to choose to help bring this great and necessary labor unto fruition and help bring respite to our failing world.

And we shall do this together this time - nation, commission, and mission.

For there really only is one choice - one way of remembrance, one path of peace.

And do not just believe these words on my account but please do as I did and look for evidence of the times yourselves and diligently work out a conviction in your own heart of hearts through much prayer and quiet contemplation.

Only then may one understand with an understanding of faith that the fruit of all honorable religion is peace and this fruit is expected by the LORD above all of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

This peace is our hope. And our world needs this peace.

I address this message to you, O my one Filipino nation and to my generation X in particular and to all our kindred nations:

Peace, I salute you.

Compact Against Demon Drugs

There was seized from some foreign nationals some days ago about 100 million pesos worth of shabu or meth.

The drug trade feeds a false economy built upon the sufferings of many. I know a lot of these suffering people on a personal basis. I myself am a victim though as a recovering addict I now suffer in hope and not in vain.

The question I always ask myself whenever an amount of illegal drugs is reported to have been seized is this: How much shall it take out of the real economy of our nation? This is really quite difficult to say because the effects of drug abuse has profoundly deep roots.

However, quantitatively speaking, how many schools will 100 million pesos build? How long shall we suffer for our starshine - our children and our youth - to go without these needed schools?

In the same way that we are protective of strangers living peacefully in our lands, we should be just as aggressive to act against those who would seek to undermine the peace of our civil society in this way. They have no right whatsoever to come here and disturb the waters of our Republic.

PDEA recently proposed the idea of the death penalty. It was reported by the same agency that foreign nationals involved in the trafficking of illegal drugs are not being deterred enough in their criminal activities and may even be emboldened by the lack of capital punishment.

I believe that the ends proposed by the agency are good and agreeable. However, I also believe that there are deterrents other than the death penalty that would better serve our national interests in this regard.

The Cause of Benignity naturally proceeds to the Cause of Harmony because a better Justice system must be built upon preserving the foundations of the public peace and the common good.

Its virtue lies in restoration more than in retribution. In this sense, I believe that a more efficient and a more inspired Justice system is, in and of itself, an effective deterrent.


Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.