Sunday, September 12, 2010


Eid'l Fitr

Belated Eid greetings to all our Muslim compatriots - mabuhay po kayong lahat! Peace be upon all Muslims at the end of this season of Ramadan: May God bless and prosper us all!

Eid'l Fitr fell on September 10 of this year and was declared a public holiday by PNoy.

We should seriously consider what the President said about raising our national awareness about this holiday, my fellow Filipino compatriots. Everything that brings us together as one nation has a special import in these times.

Because unity is an aspect of the liberty of nations: A Filipino is a Filipino is a Filipino.

September 11

September 11 was yesterday. I've never forgotten: It's not a time for hatred.

Lest we lose sight of the significance of it all. We are one family of nations after all - what affects one will affect all. Such is the climate of the times.

The world was changed 9 years ago yesterday - but toward what end?

Shall the ignorance, prejudices and hatred that have ruled and divided the nations of Mankind for so long be allowed to linger still?

Shall the war that was so emphatically excluded in heaven still find a place on this earth?

No, not in my heart of hearts. I have worked hard to clear myself of all of this as much as I could by the grace of Almighty God and so must you, O my nation!

For we can not have any claim to the prospering peace of these times ruled by the same spirit of war.

Therefore, from whom and from what must we guard against on this day of days by our timeless remembrance?

From war and from hate.

So be it! Let us then remember September 11 as one in this way with America and with all our other kindred nations. Let us thus be motivated by good things together.

There will always be battles, this is true. But time has come under heaven for us to fight these battles together this time. Such is the climate of the times.

Lest we forget, lest we forget.

Anthony Nicholas

Of the four faithful causes, O my nation, the fourth cause is the cause of benignity - this is the cause of minorities.

A few days ago, the local papers reported that a Briton, a long time resident of our Country, was murdered in Sipalay in Negros Occidental in what was reported to be an isolated incident.

As with the victims of the Quirino Grandstand Hostage Crisis last August 23, our sense of justice must ever be cognizant to the fact that Mr. Nicholas (and others like him) is a stranger (in the Biblical sense) and a minority living in our nation and therefore, deserving of the special care and protection of our laws and customs.

The apprehension of those responsible for this crime must be further inspired by the above fact.

My personal condolences go out to all his loved ones.

May justice for him be swift and true.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.

Xenophobia has never been part of our culture as Dr. Rizal himself and many of those of his great generation is able to attest.