Wednesday, September 15, 2010


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Burden of Taxes

(1) Taxation is an inevitability. Every endeavor of Country require it. From taxes, the temporal life of the responsible state is preserved and the necessary governance of the nati
on assured.

(2) Taxation is an integral part of the national dialogue. Hence, no true citizen can risk to remain ignorant about this fact of our national life. Because without taxation, none may claim the right of representation in the Republic forums.

From this act begins each and every broader participation in the national l

Therefore, our individual willingness to obtain from God the national success must also be adequately matched with the responsible paying of the legally required taxes.

(3) Taxation is a burden. It is a
complicated matter to be sure. And because it is so, there are whole agencies of government specifically dedic
ated to make sure that this necessary burden of taxation is one that is equitably shared by all.

For the burden of taxation is a responsibility undertaken by the nation as a whole. However, the sharing of this burden is the duty of every individual citizen.

Too, (4) taxation is a debt. Payment of this temporal debt is a civic responsibility that we owe to each other across all of our generations. Because nothing on this earth of ours can ever become built without this necessary participation.

If we are to help build a better Philippines, it is
vital that each of us become well acquainted with the actual work of helping to build a better Country. And there is no better place to start - as burdensome as it may seem for us today - than in how we pay our taxes.

What is praiseworthy in our Philippines, my fellow Filipino compatriots, as a perennial undertaking of Country is this - prosperity and life - both in their measures, abundant and lasting.

Therefore, if we are to become responsible for this hope, one to another, we must know that in the final accounting of things, taxes indeed is as necessary to our human condition as death. For we are each intended by purposes much, much greater than ourselves to build
and then to be re-built.

PNoy knows this. Now, you kn
ow this as well, O my beloved nation. By our giving, we shall set ourselves free. This is true for always. And this is true with taxes as well.

So say you with me, shame on tax cheats!

And then report them here:

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.