Monday, September 20, 2010


Heart Speaks Unto Heart

Pope Benedict XVI concluded a successful visit to the UK yesterday.

As a Roman Catholic Christian, I am personally very appreciative of the welcome given to the Holy Father, our 265th and current Pope.

It surely is gratifying to see a multicultural society like modern Britain come together in all her levels and - for that one splendid moment in eternity - prevail over those enduring shadows that I know haunts us still.

Dissenters and supporters alike came together peacefully, in the spirit of fairness - a resounding credit to the maturity of British democracy.

There is a lot to be learned about this trip, O my nation. The contributions of the UK to the peace of the world for one can not be forgot. What reality we are presently endowed owes much to the undying sacrifices of many of her sons and daughters.

Now, the way ahead of us is made clearer still.

All the nations of the world - from the least to the most responsible - are being called to come together and write a new history, one that is not defined by the evils of past things.

The way of peace that lie before us is quite distinct from the way of the past. Unity here does not have to imply disgrace.

For unity is a work whose ends we can always entrust to God. The ways of God are so much beyond our understanding yet we all know in faith that the LORD, our God, is a most beneficent God and singularly worthy of all our love and trust. We just have to be found by Him to be willing to do the work.

If we allow the work of the times to define and ennoble us, we stand to gain much.

For just as there are a myriad colors in eternity that are not even visible to this world of ours, desperately and inescapably caught up in the ebb and flow tides of exile time, there are wonders upon wonders waiting in their wings to come into deepest realization for our good and the good of all Mankind if only we choose to believe in our heart of hearts in those hopes that lead us there - away from the darkness - together this time.

Indeed, it's a good time for all Christians to come join together in the work.

Indeed, it is a good time for all kindred peoples of the peace, Christians and non-Christians alike - above all our brethren Muslims and Jews in the faith and good will of our Father Abraham - to come together in the work of building the necessary foundations of a better age.

It shall be difficult, I promise. But it shall no longer be a work wrought in bitter tears.

The personal motto of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman says it all: Cor ad Cor Loquitur - Heart Speaks unto Heart.

Thank you, UK!

Mabuhay po kayong lahat!

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God blesss us all.

Likewise, let us pray Godspeed to President Noy and his delegation who are flying to the United States tonight for a seven day working visit. May their efforts on our behalf be similarly blessed by the LORD of all of us.