Saturday, October 4, 2014

Wine of Remembrance

History is not memory.
To see the vessel is not to drink of it.
Many are the vessels. Many are our tastes.
But where ever the drinking of this particular wine is to be done.
It is one motion. And remembrance inebriates not.

Memory is not burdensome. Never as complicated as it may seem.
It does not cause the soul to become overly anxious about it.
Memory is light to the heart and easy to the mind.
Easily raised and easily placed down.
For we do not remember it as much as it remembers us.

Memory is simple because it seeks to meet us
when ever one should draw near to it.

As if coming from a far place,
memory welcomes us as if we never left.

We do not memorize memory. We take it to heart.
The true test of memory is not set down on paper.
It is written by the lives we lead in its behalf.