Friday, October 24, 2014

One great round

Time is a flow. 

Flowing forward for everybody.

For each of us however,
time seems one great round.

For all of time
for all of us
in the absolute sense
is a reconciliation
with ultimate beginnings.

Life is a struggle. 

Free will is at the root of this struggle.

Some people would say free will is the root of all evil.

I shall beg to disagree with them.

- selah -

We all live to be free. 

Free of what though? Free of our free will?

Shall we shed off time and mortality to find only nothing? 

Is this humanity's truest, innermost expectation of the end of time?

Even those who do not believe in the Divine must know there exists evil in this world.

The freedom we must all live for is not the cause of this evil.

- selah -

The root of all evil is evil itself. 

That we human beings
must suffer to live our lives through this world
is because there is evil in this world that persists
and shall persist while this world persists.

The Evil in all evil things is the root of all evil.
This Evil is the indirect cause of physical evils.
This Evil is the direct cause of moral evils.

It lies beneath the fabric of all things seen.

- selah -

This is why in this life, 
we must struggle.

Not in spite of all that is evil
but in the very midst of it.

Not despite our free will
but precisely because of it.

That we may know once again
how it is to desire to live
in perfect freedom.

That we may together again
regain in original perfection
at the beginning of all things new
the abundant power of our free will.

One great round.