Thursday, October 16, 2014

Everybody Lies

I've thought about what Dr. House is really saying here... I think it's a practical truth. 

We live in a real world. In this world, what is real is always fleeting.

Lies are like shadows. They deny or expose our thinking to truths either fully concealed or only partially concealed to our naked understanding.

For good or ill, what determines how our minds are exposed to the truth is not light but darkness. And our hearts (our love) react accordingly.

(Remember, the First Night is the Sky of Illumination.)

Those with bright intentions and those with dark intentions both use shadow to awaken the seeker in the self... Think about it.

And so Dr. Gregory House says,

"Everybody lies."

I do not think he's saying one should make it a practice to deceive, mind you. But to brace ourselves because in this world, "everybody lies".

THEREFORE, to thy own self be true.

"No one changes."

So seeker be true.

Seek your permanent self.

And just be.

Be the change to master change.

Or you may never live.

Be in love. Be alive.

Be yourself.

Be brave.


Do no harm.

I simply love the House MD series! Kudos to the brilliance of the entire cast and crew.

Truth hurts. After all, we begin life in this world not fully accustomed to it: Afterwards realizing... then growing bright. (By the grace of God, in my view.)