Sunday, April 3, 2011

Salutation #6

(Gathering Sense)

My fellow Filipino compatriots -

Steering a course for our Republic takes patience and time.
The waters that lay before us are unmapped.
The night is deep and dark.
The sea is restless.
Our vessel is heavy.
And we are weary.

Our President is eager.
His is the Office at the helm of the ship.
The Executive Branch is where the burden of command is heaviest.
We have to be patient.
We have to understand.
We have a responsibility to allow for our choices to take its hold on our history.
And support the prevailing good will of the state.
We have to know when to believe in our own sincerity.
It is something dutiful citizens should be mindful about.
We are governed by the freedoms we have set for ourselves.
We are a free and human democracy after all.
We have to allow for change to master change.
Else we are steering in circles.
And the night shall for us be long indeed.

The problems of our Republic is like an avalanche:

We have a need to assess the present damage.
We have to become intimate with the hopes of generations past.
That we may carry them forward into the present.
To lend its strength to our present labors.
And add to the momentum of the present time.

We have a need to look out into the horizons.
Upon the high mountain peaks of our ascent into completion.
We have to become familiar with our own undertaking of Country.
That we may hope to avoid future catastrophe.

We have to find the peace of our belongings together.
And ascend the mount with the sheltering wings of peace.
From hope to hope and strength to strength.
Until we have pierced the unconsciousness of our native skies.
From truth to truth and love to love.
Until darkness has waned.
And the night has fled our souls forever.

Our Republic is weakened.
It's spirit is diluted by the darkness of War.
The heart of our Country lay divided,
the hopes of our generations lay scattered,
they lay scattered upon the ground.

The nation is wounded.
The people are far away from their sacred remembrances
of God and of each other.
Everywhere confusion is in the heart.
The hopes of the people are restless.
Our generations cry out for shelter -

Where is thy heart, O my people?

Where is thy sheltering wings,
the sheltering wings of thy peace?

Shall we remain in the darkness
engulfed by the void from all sides?

Shall we be swallowed up by the dragon,
the ancient dragon of War?

Shall we harbor in our hearts the serpent,
the serpent of fallen and faded Eden?

Shall we persist in division,
against our own humanity before God?

Finding no shelter from the scattering wind,
they call out to the God in the heavens -

There is none but You, O LORD.
There is none like You, O LORD.
To Whom shall we go, O LORD?

Have mercy on us, O God of All!
Abide with us, steady our spirit.
O LORD, You know all things.

Shall You withhold Your peace forever?

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.

Everybody have a great working week ahead!