Saturday, April 30, 2011


Salutation #8


I shall speak plainly -
we are a nation emerging,
a Republic awakening to itself!

So awaken, O Filipino soul -
return to a knowledge of yourself,
O my honorable compatriots, peace.

There will be a time
for building our material prosperity
but that time is not yet come.

I shall speak plainly -
we are a nation emerging,
a Republic awakening to itself!

Once we have emerged
we shall know how to build.
Only then shall we build.

Today, we shall remember.

A little note:

Globalization is dangerous unless the world shifts from a mixture of Emerging and Developed Countries into a mixture of Developing and Mature Countries.

This may only be achieved in a climate of peace.

Of the Ages of Country, the transition from Emerging to Developing is an internal shift which though different in character is not unlike the transition from Developed to Mature.

When we will have completed this shift by 2012, my honorable compatriots, we will have completed our remembrances as a nation.

What proceeds is vigorous national development through to 2045.

Do not be overly anxious or perplexed by wars or rumors of wars, or of earthquakes, or of the general atmosphere of our world approaching 2012. What really matters is what we are to do with our time today - together.

The things concerning the end of time as we know it or the Last Day (General Judgment) shall indeed be fulfilled. But it is the LORD, our God, alone Who knows the hour of the fulfillment (to our vigilance belong the discernment of the season).

Our work as individuals apart and as individual nations together is to always be ready for the time of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and so our greatest security against the uncertainties we shall be facing in the near future is the knowledge that we are indeed doing this necessary work of humble preparation not just as human individuals but also as human nations.

For this is the labor required of us, nothing more, nothing less.

Now, my friends, we will do this vital work in a season of peace.

That season is today.

So let us do all that is humanly possible for us, my fellow Filipino compatriots, bearing in mind and heart that God will fill what is impossible for us to do.

Peace to all our nations and good will to all men and women of peace.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.

Healing Work