Sunday, October 30, 2011

On Being Beautiful

Carnality when it imposes itself upon the soul of Man usurps the image of the one Beautiful in every living being - when Man allows this to freely happen to his heart, the heart no longer beholds the beautiful but beholds something else entirely.

We become accustomed to ascribing beauty to the most hideous of things...

Our precious Starshine -


Beauty is primarily expressed in the feminine.

It is a state. You were born in it.

For you are thus,
and so with all beautiful things - must strive -
to return to our LORD with it - being as you are -
in the way that you are constantly remembered
by our God in eternity.

Beauty is joyful.
Eternally youthful.
It is not a feeling.
It is never passing.

Beauty is chaste.
It can be claimed only by Love.
It is not carnal.
Invincible against lust.

Beauty is free -

You do not have to strive to be beautiful, O precious Starshine,
for Beauty is somewhere you may always return to,
- here, in your heart of hearts -
a sufficiency that you share with the one Beautiful.

Nor must must others approve of your being yourself -
for as flowers must bloom each in their own time, so will you.

Therefore, Beloved of God,
establish your roots in the timeless image and likeness within thyself
and strive everyday to reach out into the outside world
that needs so much of what you have to offer.