Sunday, October 30, 2011

On Being Strong

Love the LORD, thy God, in everything and with everything. This is the truth.

Our precious Starshine -


Strength is primarily expressed in the masculine.

Strength is fidelity to the truth; a measure of its brightness.

It is the noble glow of its own conviction;
the ascendant magnitude of our every embrace
- of all those living and everliving things -
that belong to the timelessness in our souls.

Strength is secure in its patience
being sure of the reality of itself;
born of the light that understands
the exactness of its own truth.

It is not harsh and uncertain of its own reality;
born not of the lie that in the darkness understands not itself.

Strength is certain in its meekness.
It is a temper of the will that neither rises nor falls
but is even and steadfast against the assault of false things.

It is not a hardness that hides its unfamiliarity to its own virtue;
being established not by ignorance of the value of the beautiful things
it exists to serve and to keep.

It is not coldness. It is not distance. It is not decrease.

It is warmth. It is presence. It is increase.