Thursday, October 20, 2011


Salutation #60

Then God said, "Let there be light," and there was light.

God saw how good the light was. God then separated the light from the darkness.

- Genesis 1: 3-4

(Objectivity and Justice)

It is not in the present nature of the earth to be neutral.

The unknown earth - in and of itself -
is greater than our natural powers to subdue and perfect
and bring into the dominion of God.

This dominion of earth,
selected for the stewardship of our one family of nations,
being the visible universe entire and particularly this one home world
upon which our humanity and all its generations is planted
as seeds by the will of Providence Divine,
is a barren and hostile realm.

It is a realm of exiles.

We exist as transients in a realm of imbalances, fickle and fleeting.

Absolutely speaking,
objectivity can never freely exist - unbound and unlimited -
in a realm that is as strange and unwelcoming to Mankind as the unknown earth
for if it did, Law and its derivative forms would become unnecessary
and the peace of our nations forever undone!

- selah -

All human constructs inherit from our own humanity,
our own human characteristics, including our own weaknesses.

Collective experiences of a common reality is subjective as a whole
because this same subjectivity also applies
to each individual experience of a particular reality.

Our collective experience of reality
- as a nation among nations -
can be said to be like an all-embracing sea
of whose invisible waters are constantly - refreshed and replenished -
from the culmination of individual choices that flow out as a river
- from every past to every present time -
from each our own individual experience of a particular reality
and this germ of national consciousness
- that every present generation inherits as a whole -
may be said to be naturally predisposed to the intrinsic subjectivity
that is native to each our own particular experiences.

The greater these remembrances,
the stronger the inclination exists to remove ourselves
from the pain of an original ignorance
we can no longer enjoy.

It is therefore, difficult - the greater the view of reality -
to even begin to establish a common foundation
upon which a sense of judicial objectivity
may be said to be ascertained.

as far as our experience of reality goes,
may only be guaranteed to be certain as far as it is viewed
from within the confines of a controlled environment.

Objectivity in Law
draws from the letter of the law
which at times leave no room of the interpretation of Justice.

For Law as itself is objective only insofar as it is unapplied -
in this sense, law is neutral;
its potential locked until such a time as it is interpreted and applied
by the right juridical authority.

Justice is not objective.

Anywhere that Justice is said to be impartial, it is only to persons.

For Justice by its virtue deals with the restoration of the Truth.

It is therefore, by its own nature partial always to the good.

- selah -

Justice and its application in time, I personally believe,
in its widest sense, must depend not by complete objectivity in interpretation
but by complete impartiality in judgment.

Law is a constraint meant to restrict
what harms the public order and impugns the civil peace
but Justice is not a constraint - it is an act -
meant to restore and preserve the good, the common good, and the absolute good.
It uses the constraint of law in order to preserve
and the virtue of its nature in order to restore.

Since Justice is never inherently objective and Law is never freely subjective,
objectivity where juridical interpretation is concerned, I personally believe,
must draw its common foundation from ethics and the moral sciences.

A Soldier's Heart -

No matter the politics - No matter the differences - No matter the cause - When it comes down to it - When the thunder and the confusion sets in and the killing and the dying begins and the whole world seems to shrink - Soldiers fight only for each other and this picture says it all...

NEVER FORGET - go team AFP - go Army.

I believe the greatest protection from the psychological and spiritual trauma of the battlefield is the peace of knowing you are fighting for something you personally love; something near to your heart and mind - something you can connect to everything you hold dear and connects you to everything you hold dear.

A love that is a constant assurance to your soldier's heart that you are not fighting in the blind; that you are not fighting just for the sake of fighting alone; that your individual actions are never inspired by mere hatred of the enemy but by a personal commitment to duty, honor and a glorious adherence to the martial virtues.

A Call to Memory -

O my Philippines, ALL you brothers and sisters of the Promise, we can not allow the future to be derailed by those who seek to pull us back into the gravity of the last great age of War!

We can not be the enemy we claim to fight - the peace process must draw its lessons from this last encounter, define itself more closely, include and involve all our communities more broadly, and proceed fortified and not weakened by the nobility of our soldiers and the sacrifice of those whom we lost yesterday in Basilan - from both sides of the one side of the one Filipino nation.

Verily, it is the spirit of War against whom we ultimately struggle against before whom we are all, as nations of Mankind, enemies to the last of our generations!

It is human to fight for right causes. It is not human to fight against Justice.

It is human to know when to stop fighting. It is not human to forsake the cause of Peace.

It is human to hope for self and for others. It is not human to despair of either self or of others.

It is human to fight for love. It is not human to fight for hate. For when we fight for love, we defend. When we fight for hate, we only fight.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.


Promise of Old