Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crystal Blue Sphere

I saw a vision of two worlds -
two paths leading away from each other...
two choices - with nothing - in between;
one is a freedom that leads to a future bright,
the other a return to the darkness of the night -
a choice begun in every human heart
a choice to return us again from the start.

(no picture I can find does justice to what I saw that day...)

a crystal blue sphere,
shining with a multitude of living lights.

The vision came to me quite abruptly
while I was awake in the day,
riding a jeep home from work.

The vision stayed for a time before me as I wondered.
I wondered at how wondrous and beautiful beyond imagination it was
that I thought I was seeing through the eyes of angels.

Then a darkness came over the vision
and it seemed to me for an instant that it was no longer there.

- selah -

But it was, O my nation,
before me was a world so overrun by sin and war
that it was no longer distinct from the nothingness of the void -
an unknown earth bereft of light,
forsook by heaven,
and forgot by God.

(This was two years ago or more... during the first half of 2009.)