Monday, October 3, 2011


The Last Quarter of 2011

We have now reached the last quarter of 2011. Let's start with a little review.

At the very beginning of this year, we set out in this blog what is to be expected of the year 2011.

I made it clear to each of us that 2011 is a time set aside for preparation and that 2011 is going to be a year of remembering what it really means to be the nation in ourselves; a year of choices.

Truly, we are the nation in ourselves - the love in our hearts for God and Country makes our one Republic undertaking visible to the eye of the spirit. It places us on the map so far as the Angels of the LORD are concerned.

It makes us easier to find in the darkness.

- selah -

I want you to recall all of the lessons we have learned so far...

Love creates the conditions for peace and our peace is a love of common good will. For the peace we profess as a nation is an affinity to unity and the highest unity of all is the unity of the LORD.

Therefore, the peace of the Philippines is a peace that must ascend being a peace that is beyond our understanding. What is meant by this is that our belonging is a unity that obtains to all of creation and more.

It is a religious peace. It is an economic peace. It is a political peace. It is a cultural peace. It is a social peace. It is a generational peace. It is a human peace.

It is the peace we offer to each other as citizens.

It is also the peace we offer to others like ourselves as a nation of citizens.

And all of these things repel the beast of War for all of these things draw us close to the memory of our people. It brings us near to the LORD, our King, Who remembers us first. Light attracts light. Love attracts love. Truth cleaves unto truth. Abundance creating abundance.

War can not understand Peace and so this peace professed is the end of the spirit of division.

This is what I mean by completing our remembrances.

All these things must begin with peace in the Filipino heart - your heart, my fellow Filipino compatriots, and mine. This one heart makes us children of the Promise.

It binds us to the dawning of our Land of Promise.

For the War in heaven is in the heart. And as War found no place in heaven, it certainly has no place among the nations. For the earth is not the abode of War: Peace is the responsibility of all.

I am telling you this because by 2012 there shall be many more crisis and conflicts that shall take on the outward appearance of anything but the central proposition being made to us by the Providence of God under this season of heaven: That (1) the problems Mankind currently face is a problem of the human heart and that (2) all of these crises and divisions find their root in the spirit.

God is making a call for the exiles to return.

If we do not heed the call of these present days, we shall certainly lose our way and our nations shall plunge deeper into the embrace of War. For how long shall our generations linger in darkness and in division, I can not tell you. For I do not know.

All I know is that if it took 2000 years for us to arrive at this choice for peace, how much longer will it take for us to listen to the LORD?

Nay, my brothers and sisters of the Promise.

We must shine in the Night as one whole sky.

- selah -

Remember this now, Beloved of God, for the time shall come when you shall seek to understand these things:

These are all external manifestations of a spiritual requirement...

...and that the answers to these questions are within ourselves.

For the core issue of 2012 phenomenon is the peace of the human heart.

An Application of the Heart -

Having said all of the above, I take it these two previous facebook postings of mine will wax all the more clearer to us today.

The first one concerns the national peace:

"Never take your focus off the peace process, do not delude yourself in thinking that war and poverty is the reason we stand together as one nation.

Peace is the reason we are Filipino. It is the purpose for which Providence brought us forth through our parents into this time and place.

If we fail to believe it now, how then shall this generation be remembered?

But if we succeed in turning the tide today, my brothers and sisters of the Promise, how many generations shall tell of this gift when indeed, peace is at the beginning and peace is at the end of the long march of our nations?

We only have to choose and choose absolutely."

- selah -

And the second one concerns the regional/continental peace:

"This Spratly Issue could become a thing of War or a thing of Peace; a thing of War if we miss the bigger picture and a thing of Peace if we succeed in grasping it."

- selah -

Let us try to pray and reflect about these things.

Also, let us try to validate in ourselves this week the fact that all our nations, being born of the one lineage of victory, also subscribe to a common wisdom and this is the wisdom of peace.

I am not aiming for all to be convinced. I am aiming only for each of you who are called by God to be convinced to be convinced. God be with us all.

One who understands War understands Peace.

We will stand with each other. We will stand with our friends.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.

Revelation 12: 7-9