Monday, October 31, 2011

Salutation #63

When you say "yes" to Peace you can not say "yes" to War as well.

(New, Old Philippines)

Tell them -

The LORD has heard thee crying out from thy heart
- O my one Filipino nation -
in the weeping of thy widows,
and in thy orphans,
in thy poor and the needy,
in all the travails of thy sons and daughters
and from out of the blood of all thy unforsaken dead
- all thy salty tears -
- all thy crying out to God -
- all thy mourning has not gone unnoticed -
for the one God of all heaven and earth has heard thee
- the LORD is His Name!

God desires a new, old civilization of peace for our people.

A national community such as this world has not yet seen
being cognizant of its own truth and certain of its own humanity.
It shall rise out of the ashes of the last great age of War
- an endeavor of Country, old as time itself, yet new to our exiled earth -
a Republic in His Majesty's Service!

Yea, my people -
that thou may know in thy one heart of hearts
that the LORD, thy God, is the God of all true belonging
and of the hosts that stand in defense of faithful community
- the LORD Himself shall be our King.

And all these things shall fall into their proper places and times
before the countenance of our God;
our original culture of life reconstituted,
the labor of these times re-dedicated
- to the fostering of justice, truth, and equality for all -
and the life of our common peoples safeguarded
by her one, faithful Republic.

It shall be the triumph of the one Filipino nation
who from least to greatest, bound by the freedom of our gifts,
shall cleave as citizens and human beings to each other
unto one ascent, one lineage of hope, 7,107 islands strong.

And Peace shall be our common salutation.

- selah -

How can we know the triumph of our nation
if we can not hear the song of our victory?

And how can we hear the song of our victory
if we can not say "yes" to God today?

‎"The hottest places in Hell is reserved for those who, in a time of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality." (Dante Alighieri)

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Shalom. Salaam. Peace. God bless us all.

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