Sunday, October 30, 2011

Land of Promise

Glorious Motherland,
Pearl of the Orient Seas,
the fire of our love for thee
pines for thy proud embracing.

Land of Promise,
Cradle of the Brave,
from the tyranny of oppression
thou shalt never yield.

Across thy shining seas
and verdant mountain peaks,
fair winds and thy native blue skies,
the splendor of this hymn and song
speaks of thy vaunted liberty!

The brightness of thy Banner
undiminished in triumph waves,
the glory of thy stars and sun
are lights that shall ne'er fade.

Land of the Morning,
worthy of honor and of love -
our home away from Home -
what happiness it is
should the enemy draw near
to die for thy liberty.

(My personal English translation
of "Lupang Hinirang",
the Philippine National Anthem.)