Thursday, October 27, 2011

Salutation #61

"Ang sinagtala ng bituin sa Bandila'y galing sa tatlo -
Luzon, Visayas, at Mindanao para sa lahat ng Pilipino.
Kaya kung ang liwanag nito'y hindi pare-pareho,
- mga kapatid ko sa Pangako -
ang Araw nating lahat ay hindi sisikat ng husto
at ang bansa nati'y hindi aasenso."

- magnilay-nilay -

"Hindi po nabubuhay ang bansa natin dahil madilim ang gabi."

By the light of Thy own faithfulness, O LORD,
bind us together in the unity of Thy own Truth.

Establish Thy Holy Presence in our hearts
as a revelation upon the nations
that Thou art God - He Who is - the LORD!

And let this be as the dawning of Thy glory upon the earth.

(Brothers and Sisters of the Promise)

It takes effort and concentration to understand these things, I know.

Which is why I have committed them into writing - for us,
so that
we may always come back to them.

Besides, I am no speaker - my real gift is in writing.

As a nation, my beloved people,
we are as pliant as the bamboo - able to withstand many things.
There is o
nly one evil - one sin our nation can not abide -
(indeed, all human nations can not abide by this sin)
this is the sin of division - War in the heart.

For our nation is in our spirit.
It is a bond born of water that runs deeper than blood,
connecting all our families, clans and tribes together
across the generations into one lineage of hope in time,
one ascent into the victory of the Truth.

We are a particular community of our common humanity
a particular people of God - shaped, directed and fulfilled -
by the Covenant the LORD, our King,
made with the Patriarch Noah
and perfected by the Everlasting Covenant of Christ the Lord.

We are more than the sum of our parts.
We are more than external appearances,
more than the sound of our earthly names.

We are what truth God has ordained for us -
each as our own true names written in heaven;
we are what fruits we bear for each other,
we are what answers we are able to share,
we are what starlight we are able to shed,
we are what peace we bring to our communities,
we are what virtues God offers through our citizenship,
we are what goodness we inspire in each other,
we are what hopes we are entrusted with -
our togetherness is our surest shelter
and our belonging our greatest certainty
- as a nation among this one family of nations;
persevering in good will, enduring in unity,
steadfast in justice and in the common defense
of each other - as keeper and friend -
against the scattering of the spirit of War,
against the deepening darkness of exile time,
against the questions we are everyday confronted,
against the difficulties that incline us everyday to hope,
against the needs that bind us to our labors upon the earth.

- selah -

It is important for us to believe, O my people,
that we are a nation distinct - but not apart -
from the one family of the nations of the children of Mankind.

For the work of healing the wounds of the world is the work of nations.
But the work of healing the wounds of the nations is the work of individuals.

Truly, our inhabited earth
- shining with a multitude of living lights -
can not be built without our nations.

So tread the ground of thy nationhood carefully.

It is as fragile now as a sapling.
It is only through each our individual nurture and care
that this sapling shall become an oak.

Be wary of the term "all-out war" because it is such an easy term to use.

It is a reckless term - and -
in the context of all that present goings-on in our Country
(particularly in the aftermath of the incident in al-Barka in Basilan)
implies a certain disregard of the higher Peace of the one Filipino nation.

It feels like the trampling of a beast
threatening the sapling which everyday desires to become the oak.

But if we offer to this sapling
the poisoned water of a peace that is false,
it shall also die.

And if we water it with naught - but the diluted essence -
of the concentrated spirit of the nationhood that it everyday requires
from each of us, as human beings and citizens to each other,
it shall never become the oak.

It shall always remain poor and weak.

- selah -

This conflict among ourselves
- this war between Filipinos -
is confusing to the one Filipino heart
because it is being fought on death ground
which we DID NOT choose
but which the conflict itself chose for us.

(You will understand this statement all the more
if you are fluent with the Sun Tzu's "The Art of War".)

It is first and foremost, a battle for the one Filipino heart.

Who are we, O my people? Who is a Filipino?

O my Philippines -
the Filipino is a kind of love
and this love binds us together as one nation.

We are this love, my brothers and sisters of the Promise,
and before this love of Country, as citizens like unto each other,
all things fall into place upon our earth under God and heaven.

If we do not act to quickly discern what is ours, we will certainly lose it.

- selah -

We live in a world shaped by the labor of nations.
It is as broken a world as our nations are broken by the presence of War
and as weak a world as our nations are weakened by the will of War.

It is as thus - as nations dreaming together this time -
that we are forever, as human beings and citizens to each other,
arrayed in time across our generations to the last of our generations
and across dimensional space through our families, clans, and tribes
and I do not think it shall ever change.

Nations are not defined by confessional lines or by racial or ethnic differences
but by human lines that are empowered as far as each one nation
remains unified and faithful to God and Country.

For all things that divide
are all things baneful to the craft of all human nations
which is to prosper the peace
that shelters the life of the people to the last of their generations.

The history of the last 2000 years
records for all human nations the fact that
even in the midst of the scattering darkness of exile and War
- we are what fruits we bear for each other -
and these fruits are not good and acceptable to God
if they are not edible to our common humanity.

If we think we do not understand today,
these things which now pleases God to propose to our hearts,
we must think to trust and to come in faith,
and one day we shall know (and of this I am certain).

may peace reign in the Middle East
between kindred Israel and kindred Palestine
who by any other name on earth
remain what answers they can freely and willingly provide
for each other as nations dreaming together this time.

And may peace reign in our beloved Philippines!

We are a nation, my people,
and our Moro brothers and sisters of the Promise
belong to this one Republic fold.
No other undertaking of Country in this world is theirs
but ours and ours, theirs.

If they succeed in realizing what promise they are intended by God
to bring into the reality of our nation, we also succeed.
Because if we must succeed,
O my one Filipino nation - we all must succeed!

There must be unity in our diversity -
a unity bound by the fraternal affection of brothers and sisters
united in the work of realizing
the vision of the national success for all our generations
- the children of the Promise.

Let this be the mentality we possess -
a mindset that is steadfast against the scattering darkness of War
and not a heart that is constantly seeking
to unconvince itself of the necessity of peace;
that seeks to take every opportunity to disinherit itself
from what good will we each must ordinarily possess as citizens
belonging to one nation true to our lineage of victory.

Truly, the will of the LORD is unyielding,
and God's Wisdom, unfathomable.

Let our choice for Peace remain absolutely.

Let us always remain convinced - through it all,
of the necessity of peace in our beloved Philippines -
peace as a paradigm - peace as an ethos,
peace rightfully professed, peace lawfully observed,
peace properly and meaningfully understood.

Let there be diligence in the due implementation
of the mechanisms of the peace process;
let there be discipline in its proper observance,
but above all, there there be the utmost sincerity
in the absoluteness of its intent -
for the good of all Filipinos.

Just a thought -

I hate this conflict among ourselves firstly because of (1) what it takes away - from us, because of (2) what it prevents from arriving - for us, and lastly, because of (3) what madness it inspires by its scandal - in us.

Welcome, President Truong Tan Sang -

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay, Vietnam of our one ASEAN!
God bless us all.

Citizenship with Fidelity

Healing Work

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