Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Salutation #57

It is human to fight for love. It is not human to fight for hate. For when we fight for love, we defend. When we fight for hate, we only fight.

(What if?)

What if next year,
we draw a line in our hearts
- together this time -
and agree to belong again
as human beings and citizens to each other
under Almighty God
as one nation?

What if next year,
we leave the darkness of the past 2000 years
completely behind us?

What if next year,
we let go of our divisions
and hold on to our belongings
to each other instead?

What if next year - we begin again -
the labor of building upon the strength of our nationhood
and work to unify our one Republic peace?

What if next year,
we learn to reach out to each other
- more and more - as Filipinos than as anything else?

What if next year,
we make an effort to understand the plight of our minorities?

What if next year,
we stop making fun of the least of our brother and sister Filipinos
and try to share with them the meekness of our spirit?

What if next year,
we capitalize on the freedom of our gifts
and work together to build a better Philippines?

(On an election year: What if next year,
we work together to ensure a free and fair election?)

What if next year,
we mark the beginning of our labor of hope
and the end of our labor of tears?

- selah -

It will not be easy.

The taming of the unknown earth
- was meant to be difficult -
and the building of the inhabited earth
- shining with a myriad living lights -
near impossible.

The peace that we are tasked to observe
- one with the other - is not a perfect peace.

There will be adversity
and there might also be conflict...

But deep may this long night be,
my brothers and sisters of the Promise,
its darkness shall yield to our unity
for the darkness is but the darkness
if it does not lead to the truth.

Let us always remember,
we are a forward thinking nation!

And a forward thinking nation
is a nation guided by the light of its own truth.

May Peace be in Egypt -

"A warlike Republic may seem unified but where the foundations by which the State unifies it's elements are not only unjust but also untrue, it shall never advance to fruition."

My beloved brothers and sisters of the Promise -

Let us pray for the unity of Egypt and for the Christian minority in that land...

Truly, the evolution of the Egyptian Republic shall not be easy. For all undertakings of Country is a labor vehemently opposed by the spirit of division.

But if they must succeed, they must do so by securing the 4th Cause and closing the gate of their Country against the spirit of oppression that wages a constant war against the weakest and most vulnerable portions of their common citizenry.

For if their Republic allows this horseman a free hand upon their land, it shall work its way from the weak to the strong and shall mean to one day overthrow even the noblest of their folk until - by and by - there shall be no one left to defend the liberty of that Republic.

So let the peace of Egypt be in our prayers - for all Egyptians.

And I especially ask my own Roman Catholic brethren and sisters to take this prayer to Holy Mass this Sunday - may Peace prevail in Egypt and in the Middle East!

No State exists to fail but all States that fail exist only for itself.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay ang Republika ng Ehipto! God bless us all.

Exceeding the Defense