Sunday, October 16, 2011

20111016 PM

Salutation #58

Lead me, Lord Jesus, to where I end and You begin and all these things shall fall into place behind Thee, my God and my All.

(The Peace of Jesus Christ)

The Peace of the LORD escapes human comprehension
- God encompassing God -
but the Peace of Jesus Christ is given to you,
O Beloved Starshine
of the Christian communities from among all the nations,
- as a blessing, a sign, and a promise -
and with it, a joy without limits.

May the Peace of the Lord Christ be to you, a blessing.
For the Peace of Jesus Christ is the one whole peace
unto which All of living creation forever belongs.

May the Peace of the Lord Christ be to you, a promise.
For within it, you acquire a foretaste of the things to come -
the restoration of the reign of God at the consummation of time.

May the Peace of the Lord Christ be to you, a sign.
For through it you gain strength in the unity of all things -
a truth in thy heart that give thy prayers their ascent to God.

Cherish this gift entrusted to you -
embrace it freely and with an understanding spirit
that thou may stand at one with Christ and the victorious hosts of God
against the War in thy own heart
and the divisions wrought by it upon the earth.

Multiply the Peace of the LORD, thy God
- in all thy Churches, in all thy Masses, and in all thy prayers -
that you may pray to God, beloved Starshine,
- united - as one nation among a family of nations.

For the Peace of Jesus Christ is not a cause of division
but of strength for our national communities.
Neither is the Name of Jesus Christ
a source of division, discord, dilution and dissolution
among the nations but of peace!

- selah -

The beginnings of a better world
begins with Jesus Christ in our heart of hearts.

incline thy hearts to Peace -
forsake War today while it is still today.

As it was before must never be again!

Sunday Evenings

Good evening, the Philippines - mabuhay!

Today's Gospel: Matthew 22: 15-21

To give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar and to God what belongs to God is the usual Biblical reference for the Separation of Church and State.

However, the doctrine of the Separation of Church and State does not mean the exclusion of the reality of Man from the reality of God.

- selah -

To God belongs everything first. Know this, O my nation, and all things shall fall into their proper places before the face of the LORD.

God never fails -

My beloved brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus the Lord, I am not the most suitable of persons to proclaim to you the Word of God or the Peace of Jesus Christ which is the Peace of the Times so know ye that I am like you utterly reliant on Jesus Christ!

I know my failings and I know my short-comings and because of these I have no reason to boast and so, my brothers and sisters of the Promise, let me offer to you instead, this one, abiding truth about my little life - our Lord, Jesus Christ, has never failed me - not once!

Truly, my greatest desire is and must always be to serve the Lord, Jesus Christ, in whatever capacity He assigns to me and to fulfill this vocation with a constancy of devotion worthy of the title Christian - an Alter Christus!

Though I want to return to the safety of my previous ignorance of God, there is no more holding back once the Spirit of God calls thee from the heart. How can one resist the one Irresistible!

My refuge now is the LORD!

I must repent of my sins and if I fall a thousand times over, it shall always be the same with me - for I want my repentance to bear fruit for Christ Jesus, my Holy Redeemer, my God, my All - He has never failed me!

It is I who is a constant failure to my Savior. But never again shall I fall into the pits of despair - my Savior has never once failed me!

I have already absolutely determined to give to God what belongs to God - not I but He, I will decrease and He will increase until I am no more - God never fails!

Not I but He - the LORD, He Who Is, He is God and God never fails!

Therefore, if you are a fallen-away Christian of whatever denomination, know this now - come home to Jesus:

Give to God what belongs to God!

Seek a deeper knowledge of thy faith and cling to Jesus Christ believing in the Word despite thy own self and in spite of all things and you will surely come Home in thy heart first and in Eternity with God forever when forever comes around again.

Before You, O Christ,
I knew only darkness!
I was a child of the void
destined for destruction.
Until Your Spirit came
I knew no Peace, my God.

But You came to me
to make me anew...
I do not understand, LORD,
but You came to me.

And as Thy Love hovered
over the waters of my heart
to calm the raging storm
I began to see... myself.

- excerpted from Foundling

Everybody have a great working week ahead! Remember, there is always work in the vineyard of the LORD - do not be worldly-wise, be wise with Jesus in thy heart and God in thy world and all will be well for thee - God never fails!

Glory to God the Father!
Adoration to Jesus Christ!

Alleluia, peace be unto our nation
and peace be unto all our nations;
good will to all men and women of Peace.