Friday, October 28, 2011


Salutation #62

I am hopeful not because there are words.

I am hopeful because there are people with listening ears
and hearts who are able to hear the meaning to the words...

(Nations Like Trees)

Wisdom is in the people -
(and discernment is in the Responsible State)
if we remain in ourselves, a nation united
- through thick or thin - by and by,
our Republic shall be enlightened by the peace we profess as a people
and our leadership enabled - inasmuch -
as we are empowered by the unity of our peace.

The more mature the peace we profess as a nation,
the better the age of our Country in time.
The deeper the roots of our citizenship is planted
upon the earth - far into forever -
as one Republic undertaking,
the more trusted shall be its fruits.

For nations are like trees
and the labor of Country is the labor of bringing the promise
of our nation into full fruition - for all Filipinos.
It is a labor of cultivation and nurture.

This is why I am passionate about the peace process.
Everything in this day and age - as far as our Philippines is concerned -
is invariably tied to its success and its success is likewise tied
to the greater forces that are now driving our world
toward interdependent community.

For there are many rooms and many trees...

One lineage of hope - 7,107 islands strong -

"In the longer view of things, divisions don't make a difference, unity does."

You know, I used care a lot about where we've been - about one's upbringing, how one looks, how one sounds, what's in a name, from which school, from what religion, from what province, and from what family, and from what social class...

Now, what I truly care about the most is where we are ALL going.

I have awoken to the truth - that -
there can only be one Philippines for ALL Filipinos!

An Accounting of Time

Time is not distance for time is distant
only to those with distant hearts.

Nor is distance a hindrance to our hearts
that in the timeless, beholds and is beheld.

PEACE, I salute you.

Our dearest Starshine -

Let me teach you
the way in which thy heart
does perceive the idea of numbers
and the concept of its operation
in those realms where
the mathematics of physicality
and the limits of its reality
in terms temporal
and in measures finite
does never and shall never agree
with the reality of things within.

Because the substance of thy soul
is the abode of the timeless
that in terms eternal
and in measures infinite
are an accounting of thy heart
that amidst thy comings and goings
perceive things as they are
like a vision of love forever
in moments standing still
and not as they seem to be
amidst the darkness of things
that appear and disappear
with the rise and fall
of the tides of exile time.

One is not the beginning
for one is time neither begun
nor is one perceived to have an end
because one is an infinity
and two is not two things together
but two things that become one
for three are not three things apart
but two things made one whole one
by the Love that visits
each our longing for itself.

And so when you shall perceive
each of thy friendships, dear Starshine,
(e.g. family and friends, above all conjugal love,
as well as all natures of relationships.)
among all truly human relationships
you shall think only of one.

And when you shall seek to perceive
each our own expressions of hope
in the sharing and the bearing of Sacred Life

(e.g. complementarity of the sexes, the freedom of thy gifts, etc.)
you shall think only of two.

And when you shall seek to perceive
those things born to thy own heart's longing
and felt through the beauty of remembrances
(e.g. the creative ideal - cooperation with the Creator,
Peace and the labors of peace, etc.)
awakening to thy slow awakening dream
you shall think only of three.

And ever be aware that the medium
of thy constant reality from within
is an emerging continuum of gratitude
spread as luminous stars upon thy spirit
bursting with the joy of living life
born from things that cleave as truth
unto that vast universe in thy soul
that make you think of the many
but return you always to one -
the One, O my Starshine,
the LORD!

The one Giver above His gifts.


Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.

Patient Perseverance

Remembrance: The Ages of Country