Friday, July 29, 2011


Salutation #44

(Interdependent Human Community)

To my one Filipino nation -
all my brothers and sisters of the Promise,
peace - mabuhay.

Our one Republic is part of a great family of nations,
each engaged in the labor of building up the earth
as its own undertaking of Country,
of this we can be sure, my honorable compatriots,
especially in this new age of interdependent human community -
no Country matures on its own,
no nation learns the truth about itself by itself alone,
above all, our failing world can not long endure the darkness ahead
without the LORD, the God of all nations.

For the Peace of the LORD is our pledge of unity
and this unity is the guarantee of our victory
- as nations dreaming together this time -
against the darkness in our midst
wrought by the War in heaven
and division in the human heart.

- selah -

In this house, in this Country,
my fellow Filipinos -
we shall serve the cause of our victory.

Glory to God in the highest!
Adoration to Jesus Christ the Lord.
Peace to our nation and to all our kindred nations.
Good will to all men and women of peace.

A Picture of War in the Heart

During the Holocaust, in Auschwitz, there is an old picture of the selection process where people who were to live (at least for the time being) and people who were to die at the gas chambers were sorted immediately upon their arrival by the camp authorities.

This is for me by far, the best pictorial representation of War in the heart.

It is a spirit which is still very alive in our world today. It is the bane of all nations. It will surely prevent us from entering into this new age in peace.

But we are not without help for we have God and we have each other - as human beings and as human nations, citizens and keepers, each to the other.

An Example of Human Solidarity -

It was reported in Egypt, during the recent upheavals that delivered that great nation to a return to promise, that when the Muslims prayed, the Christians protected them, and when the Christian prayed, the Muslims protected them.

I salute you, honorable Egyptians, for this necessary example of the shape of things to come for my Country as well. May both our nations be blessed by God with peace and prosperity as we write a brave, new chapter of our history together as a noble undertaking of Country upon the earth, thank you - mabuhay!

My fellow Filipino compatriots -

Let us bear into mind and heart the example of brave Egypt and, despite what darkness there is in our midst, consider once again our own national minimum:

A Filipino is a Filipino is a Filipino.

All honorable religion comes from the reality of God, my noble Republic of the Philippines, its fruits make us human.

Therefore, prayer itself is a common human need.

It is a need (like hunger, thirst, etc.) protected by the Eternal Law of God and by the law written in our heart of hearts.

This is most especially true within the Abrahamic Peace we share as Christians, Jews, and Muslims together and is the engine of our national progress as human beings and as citizens to each other, as Filipinos.

Mabuhay po tayong lahat! Peace. Salaam. Shalom. God bless all His nations of the one family of the nations of Mankind.

The National Minimum

Promise of Old

Healing Work