Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The School of Divine Providence

ONCE AGAIN PLEASE, my honorable compatriots -

There is a way to effect change but never must it go against the will that establish for all Mankind the shape of present things, all that is present to our humanity must be all that is accepted, first and foremost, without condition -

this is the first requirement of faith in Divine Providence - willing acceptance.

- selah -

If we are seeking for good things, we must also establish our seeking upon grounds that are good - for good things lead to good things and evil things lead to evil things.

Never can the good be sought from means that are evil, human weakness excepted. For the spirit of the Adversary being the evil in all evil things (as indicated by the presence of malice) is the exact opposite of the beneficence of God.

Any undertaking of Country upon our world can not truly obtain a lasting peace for itself by contending in war for peace may only be truly obtained through knowing acceptance of peace itself.

War leads to more war unless Mankind seeks peace and seeks Peace completely.

And this seeking in our nations is sought only upon paths of sacred remembrance.

For a good tree can not but bear good fruit and a bad tree can not but bear bad fruit - but a young tree is neither of the two and therefore, must allow itself to be formed.

We human nations are like those trees that are ever young and in constant need of formation in maturity and it is the will of Divine Providence that we must allow in ourselves to form us into good trees bearing good fruit - fruit that is edible to all nations and lasting for all Mankind.

For the will of God is Peace for all our nations and good will to all men and women of peace. But the will of War opposes the will of the LORD.

This is how surrender is discerned and it is this discerning surrender which is the second and last requirement of faith in Divine Providence.

Surrender to the good leads to growth and transformation in virtue and truth.
Surrender to evil deviates from the good and leads to poverty and annihilation.

Salutation #30

(A Responsibility to Remember)

To the numberless stars of the one firmament
and to all persons of good will -

Entrusted to our keeping
by our precious Starshine,
the youth of our nations,
most especially those
who suffer much affliction
being in their hearts oppressed
by the curse of War
is an account of their souls,
an unfolding record of their life,
their "Arcs in the Sky".

This they entrust
with faith and confidence
in the unity of our peace
that we may from their voices
perceive what hope there is
and learn from each their life
to deepen our sense of remembrance
that we may better serve
together in our labors
to advance the cause of our hope
towards the promise of peace
and the prosperity of the peace
for every nation of our one family
of the nations of Mankind
that promise of old unto which
we each in our times
chose to forever belong
for God and Country
in time and in eternity.

Know to keep it now,
my beloved friends and companions,
and in our faithful keeping
may we be blessed by the LORD
with an abiding awareness
of the near-infinite potential
of each individual human life
above all our beloved Starshine
who deserve in their own time
a better place in which
to play, to laugh, to learn
to grow, make friends, and to live
that freedom which is their right
as the young and as the youth
far away from war
and the darkness of War.

That awareness which is written
in our sacred wisdoms
that whoever saves one life
saves the world entire -
let also it be, my dear friends,
beloved brothers and sisters of the Promise,
an awareness shining though
in our heart of hearts
for our precious Starshine.

Evil is a cause for vigilance; good, for remembrance.

While at times it may be excusable for human beings to forget, for human nations there is no excuse.

For it is vigilance that guards the way of our liberty as citizens to each other and remembrance our peace as human beings, one to another, before Almighty God.

Without vigilance holding timeless vigil over our nations, we stand to lose the strength of our civil society; without remembrance, our own humanity.

Excerpted from Salutation #4 -

"Verily, as our faith sets us apart,
our hopes join us together,
indeed, this is what makes us truly human -
our need for God and for each other -
and so in our belonging together in God
we must come together to build
through these, the generations of life,
those truly human communities
where all roads constantly lead to the dawn
towards the morning that return Mankind
to the one Love that has forever kept
all of our nations close to Its own bosom.

A society of need is a human society.
It is a society that goes hand in hand
with a government of gratitude.
Therefore, we must profess
a politics of thankfulness,
being a people of hope,
and work to enable a culture of peace
of which truth must be begun
in the darkness of exile time
by the first of the generations of life,
which is this, our generation
as well as those members of the elder generations
who are similarly called by our one LORD

and whose wise and steadfast companionship
our good God has so generously blessed us with,
ennobling us by the substance of their experiences
and the strength of their years."

Allied Generations