Saturday, July 2, 2011


Vigilant Trust

Of our leadership in government, it may be said that the merit of their service lies not in earthly perfection. For their calling consists primarily in the exercise of a necessary vigilance at the daily affairs of state.

Right is right not because somebody is wrong. Right is right because it works for everybody.

And it works for everybody because it is drawn from a reality which is submitted to the truth.

So we flock to it. We flock to it when we find it. And when we find it we know, because when we do, it also finds us.

Now, it is the job of our politicians to make this everybody as large as possible.

It is the job of the Responsible State (government) to make this reality work for everybody.

Because statecraft is primarily concerned with the actual good, political will with the necessary good. They are not the same things.

Politicizing government makes it run for popularity, making it vulnerable to divisive interests as well as mercenary causes.

Popular government in a democracy, especially in a Republic, is never exclusively political - it is popular only because its ultimate loyalty is to the needs of the common people, its nation.

Not all statesmen are politicians. But all politicians must be statesmen (no gender bias intended).

Adam Smith: The Invisible Hand of God

A nation without God is not a nation but a mob - it has no order of being, no right of ascent, no clarity of vision, no lucidity of mission, no unity of motion, no spirit, no heart, no soul.

If a nation such as this undertakes to establish itself as an endeavor of Country, it will be one that is constantly restless and despoiling, providing neither nurture nor shelter to its elements.

It shall naturally take to its flight (like a relentless, pursuing dragon) against other nations, overtly or covertly, its sole unifying cause being War and War alone.

A Country can absorb a lot of damage indeed. But if War has entered into its heart, it shall turn into ashes from within.

Salutation #26


A Republic is a Republic.
It is an undertaking of Country
imbued with one spirit and one mission.
It is a living work
wrought by God and Nation
and endowed with a soul of its own;
a guardian spirit to shepherd its peoples.

The only variances that exist between
a Republic and another Republic
arise from the substance of its own remembrances
which is particular each its own experiences
- in relation to -
its nearness or its distance to the image of itself
which is everything that binds it together
according to the freedom of its people
making it one lineage of hope
before the Eternal Throne of the LORD
and the assembly of the nations (before God).

For the quality of its yearning to succeed
in order to make present among its elements
- the Nation, the Responsible State, and the Common Market -
the unity of its Peace
depend on its nearness to its own timeless truth
being the lucidity of its own national vision
as it is enshrined in hearts of the common people,
in the laws that shape its present society,
and especially as it is embodied in its formal Constitution.

In this way, no two Republics are the same
some being less established in their freedom than others,
yet all Republics, each in their own ages in time
aspire toward that same liberating ascent
- from the many, one.

Of the Responsible State, it must be said, there is no state more superior, regardless of its governing framework, than one that brings peace to the people.

Peace prospers the people and a prosperous nation is almost always ruled by a just state.

A state must be judged by the people and the people by their peace. A peaceful nation is a happy people ruled by a just state.

This state, regardless of its governing framework philosophy, is a just state.

It is a Responsible State.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.

Service, Synergy and Sovereignty