Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Salutation #35

(WYD Madrid - The Peace of Jesus Christ)

We live in a world of contradictions,
a temporal world hidden from the Eternal,
where the One divine reality cause being to exist
and so cause existence to also be meaningful to us
because God is infinitely wise,
incomparably good and full of loving kindness to all His creatures.

We could live in a world of chaos and disorder
where all things and thought in time
float in utter meaninglessness
but the human soul will not do so well
in an environment that is void of spiritual essence.

For like outer space is void of air to breathe,
the soul of a man will suffocate
in a place apart from what God knows is best for us.

So let us praise the LORD and bless His Name!

- selah -

Hear me, Starshine
of the Christian communities from among all our nations!

PEACE, I salute you.

A truly Christian life is a truly human life -
recast in the original purpose of God - in us and for us -
as His image (Love) and likeness (Life) upon the earth,
to be counted among the true living lights of the universe,
the living jewels in the crown of His glory and majesty in all visible creation,
His stewards and co-creators, servants and friends to Him alike;
the preservers of the Sacred Life of all His nations
of the one family of the nations of the children of Mankind.

We are among the many -
as numberless as the stars of our Father Abraham
and allied with the peace of all His nations -
one whole sky.

Rebuild the Church around the Holy Father
and from within thy nations
serve all souls without distinction.
For our Christianity is not a source of division
but of strength for our human communities.
Neither is the Name of Jesus Christ
a source of division, discord, dilution and dissolution
among the nations but of peace.

The beginnings of a better world
begins with Jesus Christ in our heart of hearts.

incline thy hearts to Peace -
forsake War today while it is still today.
As it was before must never be again!

(Refer also to Generation Y)

Viva la Espana!

The Separation of Church and State in our Republic

As regards to the PCSO issue, I do not think one can completely blame the CBCP for what happened. Though it is painful and disheartening to witness these kinds of issues, my honorable compatriots, it is better to learn the lessons now than later.

We are not yet as established as other Countries after all. I think what history will remember most about this time is how we managed to pull together to make it better in behalf of those generations to come.

We can not look at another Country (better or worse than ourselves) and with false comparisons fail to grasp the reality that is presently confronting our common will of belonging that we must presently confront as a nation. If we do so, we only allow for evil to flourish again in our times.

Therefore, it is not the weight of these present divisions but our will of unity above all that will matter for us in the long run.

I will refer us to the current topic of our monthly exercise.

And bid each one of us to say a quiet prayer invoking God to preserve us from the evil of these present times.

Let us bear in mind and heart, my brother and sister Filipinos, that the healing of the wounds of this nation of ours depends on the strength of individuals.

No generation is ever remembered for the evils they have failed to overcome. And no evil is ever truly overcome by a nation divided against itself.

My own thoughts on the matter is this -

It is just not right for the Church to accept donations from the State.

There must exist a distinct separation between Church (Religion) and State (but not between God and human reality) in our Republic. Because the Church is not part of the Republic per se (i.e. its three elements).

The Church is for the Nation(s) alone and the Nation(s) for the Church.

All honorable religion, in this Republic undertaking of Country, ennobles our politics not through its direct participation but by its constant illumination in the heart of the Nation.

As the Blessed John Paul II taught -

The way of the Church is Man. The way of Man is Christ.

(Refer also to Human Nation)

Our National Golden Rule

The Faux Golden Rule of Old Compliant -

"Whosoever has the gold rules."

This is the rule of Mammon. Its cohorts are War and greed.

The Golden Rule of Old Defiant -

Our rule of gold shall be the will of the God of old for all His human nations -

"You shall love the LORD, O my people, with everything and in everything."

If we remain with this rule, as a particular undertaking of Country upon the earth, not only shall we become rich, O my nation, we shall become rich indeed.

Let this be our National Golden Rule!

Christ-centeredness is other-centeredness.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.

One Nation

Loving Obedience