Friday, July 1, 2011


Patriotic Grace

Several days ago, I picked up "Patriotic Grace" by Peggy Noonan.

I got it at the bargain pile just right outside of National Bookstore at a local mall and was really happy about myself for finding it. You see, I identify with things like these - in some strange but real sense, I feel what the author is saying, I really do.

Now that I am almost done with her book (thank you so much, Peggy Noonan), I am finding that many of the things I have been quietly thinking about seem to be the very things that common people in America have also been thinking about - all this time.

Something that when I really sit down and think about seem strange to me. But I am so used to strange nowadays that this all seems to me as something not out of the ordinary.

So I bless the LORD, and praise His Name.

Salutation #25

(Equanimity and the Longest Night)

Peace be with you, Starshine.

You must get used to strange events
without thinking you are something else
but you and you alone.

Because these are extraordinary times indeed,
and we as ordinary people must live through these times
with the kind of grace necessary for us to remain ourselves
- just ourselves -
nothing more, nothing less.

For God is at work shaping our history with us, right now.

- selah -

The first half of the 21st century is the Longest Night.

From 2000-2045, especially after 2012,
everyday for us is going to be like D-Day at the beaches -
It is going to be difficult, I promise you.

But if you love God and Country - you will fight this fight.

The battleground is the soul of every nation.
For the War in Heaven is in the Heart.

I want you to understand - even as we go along -
that the Passage in Daniel 12 specifically speaks of this time -
that this is OUR time, dear starshine.

At no time do the stars shine all the more brighter,
at no time do their starlight cut all the more sharper
than the deepest of nights
and we are at a turning point, Beloved of God,
for here in our needful world, it is Midnight.

But in your heart of hearts, starshine,
when you know what it is
and who you it is that you love
- the utter simplicity and completeness of it all -
your heart of hearts
being that space within your soul
that you share with God and God alone,
it shall always be clear as Day for you.

For when God is on His Throne in Eternity,
the night shall yield for you
- its own opportunities -
even as the darkness shall as the tide
recede for you, our most precious starshine,
to give you room enough to build a life
worthy of your labors in the nation.

Cross the Minimum of the Times
by individually completing your remembrances.

Make peace with all you know and must hold dear -
individuals, their communities, and above all, other nations.

Unify your heart of peace, Beloved of God,
carry forward with you into these present times
every hope of times past
- as much as you can and as far as you can -
for it is through these hopes that the generations of the past
shall bless our present labors with their peace
and this will add power and momentum to our will
to see to it that the labor of these present times
is advanced down the line of our lives
from hope to hope and strength to strength
as a labor of completion in our nations.

Never allow yourself to be by evil inspired.

(I am now speaking here in particular with the USA -)

Our common battle
is the battle to unite the heart of Country
and to reclaim the mission of the Republic.

It is a fight to rebuild peace and reclaim good will,
within as well as without.

It is the labor of every human heart
invested by the LORD God
in both our undertakings of Country
as citizens to each other.

(But in particular of my generation
as well as of that generation after mine -
in behalf of all the generations of life.)

It is the daily fight to feed, clothe, shelter, educate, provide for,
employ, serve, nurture, protect and prosper our common people,
and to enable them to empower the Responsible State
to guide the course of both our nations toward God and destiny.

This is our fight, our longest night.

We all are part of the strength that will deliver this world to promise. Or doom it by our own ill will for other people and other nations.

Let us make this Country of ours work not by being better (or think that we are better) than other Countries but by being better than our own worst selves.

For it is only by besting the false image of ourselves that we shall truly succeed.

The Question -

An angel asked me, "...and what do I love, O heart?" For I longed to know.

It led me to a shop and showed me a thing I desired for myself but could not yet afford. Something I knew I knew but did not really think about that much.

"I love all these things that you love, O heart, that leads you to be good", the angel said to me.

"I love all the good clothes that was made for you, I love the cell phone that you'd so wished for so much, oh and that laptop - I love that as well - for you, O heart."

"So how do you love me in return?" The angel's question seem to echo from deep into my being for the lesson has now penetrated me indelibly right into my heart.

There was silence:

"You shall love the LORD thy God as one LORD alone".

"Make peace with the all of creation. Divide it not. Say peace to the river, to the sky, to the earth, to the animals (and the trees) of the earth and the fishes of the seas, to thy nations good will and to all thy fellow human beings, life and abundance. Do this if you love me."

Mabuhay po tayong lahat! May God bless all His nations of the one family of the nations of Mankind.

The Longest Night

Revelation 12: 7-9