Sunday, July 17, 2011


THE 21ST CENTURY shall be a century shaped by the decisive strength of our civic convictions on human rights issues. The more decisive these convictions are, the clearer the way ahead shall appear for our nation/s.

Bear in mind and heart, my honorable compatriots, that the 19th Century was the century of chemistry; the 20th, of physics; the 21st, as we shall see, will be one of biology (or to be more precise, Sacred Life).

- selah -

Salutation #37

(Silence, Self-Expression and the Human Potential)

PEACE be with you, Starshine -

Man is an expression of the language of creation.

We are, therefore,
creatures meant to find our own unique ways
to express the creative ideal in ourselves.
To cultivate and nurture our talents
and bring it out into our nations and into our world.

And there are many means and mediums
for adequate human self-expression in our visible universe.
Indeed, our ways of expressing the language of God in ourselves
is as wide and varied as our own individual uniqueness
- and even so -
there shall always remain more than enough room
in all the realms of creation, both seen as well as unseen,
for every free expression of the human potential
- in all its limitless forms -
BUT only for the work purposed for and to our humanity
by the will of God and the common needs of our Mankind.

If there is a perceived lack of these, Beloved of the LORD,
if the wonderful boundlessness of human expression is at present
seemingly constrained and constricted
- in our times and in our nations -
we must understand it is not yet
due to the lack of a necessary technological progress
in the craft of the sciences of Mankind
- as many are inclined to think nowadays -
because until we have learned to examine first
the progress of human potential in our communities
as nations among nations
as well as our own potential to express the creative ideal
as citizens to each other
as a way of giving expression
to the language of creation in ourselves
as individuals and as nations under the LORD
what knowledge we may obtain from our sciences
will only prove futile and deeply frustrating
in the constant pursuit of happiness.

Because creation is not an event
- it is a process -
and this process is a continuum
that began as One and shall end as One.
It requires the consistent development of the human element
as a free and active expression of the boundlessness of itself.

For the human potential
and its free and adequate expression
- in ourselves and in our nations -
is the only potential singularly capable
of producing and sustaining for all of visible creation,
through the Providence of God
and the free and necessary actions
of the willing instruments of the LORD
- physical, spiritual or both -
the allied Peace of the one family of the nations of Mankind
which is the governing principle of the Providence of God
as it is established by Him in this realm of the visible universe.
Left largely unrecognized and under-developed,
all forms of civic order and value will soon be forgot,
and our world shall be imperiled.

Hear me now, Starshine -
happiness is a gift gained by the labor of individuals
from the necessary field of a community of individuals.
So if you will to save the dream for one, as they say -
you must go and save the dream for all.

If we can not as citizens agree
on how to be a human being to each other,
the earth itself will rebel against the labor of our nations;
the silence of our skies will fall into utter meaninglessness
and all the Sacred Life of our planet will flee us.
Time will cease to flow
from the timeless in the human heart,
remembrance shall wither,
and all of human history shall seem
an unremitting retreat
into the darkness.
To the everlasting regret of all.

because of our human need for the human expression,
- we seek -
and from our seeking, we labor.

There is much noise in our world because of this - and -
amidst all this clamor of living life
- be it good or bad -
it is quite easy to lose ourselves entirely
in the pursuit of everyday living.

Amidst this is Silence.

For what is important to all human beings,
Beloved of God and citizen of all common creation,
is not always what one can see
or hear with external senses alone.

The most basic of human citizenship, precious Starshine,
is a sense of belonging to the one whole of all creation, seen and unseen.
From this all other citizenship draw their legitimacy.
To lose sense of this belonging is to fall away from Sacred Remembrance.
Because there are larger expressions of reality that yours alone.
All are aligned towards one manifest purpose.

The gravity of the last 2000 years or more
will instinctively attempt to paint in your mind and heart
a different picture of ourselves,
as human beings and as human nations
- inhuman, divided in the Heart by the spirit of War -
but the visible universe itself will witness to all human hearts
that there are no divisions in creation, there is only true belonging.

This is an integral part
of the universal patrimony of our humanity as a whole.
We are one whole one with all of creation.
It is part of our being human.
Something that may only be understood in the Silence.

When we are silent,
we are inescapably met with a motion to cease and desist
in the necessary work of finding ourselves,
and for a moment, even only for a single moment,
something seem to beckon our hearts to pause
and to leave the noise and the haste of this realm of creation.
Inwardly, we move toward the timeless, towards a realm of absolutes.

This can only be a choice.
It dawns like dew upon the heart, certain as certain can be,
inclining the free will of Man to bend to its beckoning.
But it is never a choice begun by Man.

So when we are silent, precious Starshine,
we are only silent in response -
to God and the Sanctity of All that is in the LORD.

It is this choice to respond
- to the Sacred Silence -
that is singularly ours to make
that we may each begin again anew
the communicative union that work to continually realize
the expression of the creative ideal in ourselves
(in God and with each other in Him).

prayer and quiet thoughtfulness
form part of our authentic human freedoms.

Silence itself is an absolute.
It dawns upon our realization as dew is distilled upon the heart.
It is a medium of things that exist
beyond the totality of all human experience.

Here in exile time however, it has a false image.
For there are two human choices that open the way to silence.
But only one leads to Peace.
The other leads to sin.

For as far as the freedom of Man is able,
our souls must be led to reach out
to the only other freedom
that reaches out to us - the freedom of God;
the singular source of all our freedoms.
And the exercise of Silence, in its own due season,
tempers our hearts tactful to the truth of these things.

For there always shall remain in Man,
something that resists human expression,
something permanent, something sacred,
an accolade to remembrance...

When we are silent - in those times, O my heart,
let us be mindful of that initial choice to respond to the LORD
that we may know by Whom our silence speaks.
That our silence may never bend
to the evil in all evil things.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.

Service is a call (not an ambition)

"First They Came for the Jews"
By Pastor Martin Niemoller

"The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." - Ayn Rand
First They came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the communists and I did not speak out because I was not a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.