Friday, July 8, 2011


Salutation #32

(One Heart, One People, One Destiny)

Peace be with you.

My fellow Filipino compatriots,
in the Final Accounting of all things,
it shall be shown and made known to to All
we are a nation distinct
but not apart from all our other kindred nations -
a human nation, allied to the kindred peace
of all the other nations of our one family of nations.

We are a nation,
my brothers and sisters of the Promise,
and so it is as a nation
that we shall be held responsible
by both heaven and earth before the God of all heaven and earth.

As a nation, O my people,
we are by our individualities, families, tribes, communities and generations
bound by one heart, one labor, and one destiny.

We are thus called, as citizens to each other,
according to our fidelity to the truths of our nationhood,
to make a shelter for our generations -
the shelter of Country - a home away from Home for all living beings.

As a nation,
we shall rise or fall upon the void of the unknown earth
according to the one peace of our peoples
and the one economy of our generations
to the very last of our generations.

As a nation,
we shall build upon this world,
the kindred peace of Country
to the glory of Almighty God in heaven,
and fill it with living lights
or lay it to waste
by our refusal to
subdue the darkness
in and amidst ourselves - the evil in all evil things.

As a nation without its peace, we shall fail -
a defeated Country, desolate and empty of promise,
of broken, shattered skies,
we shall remain in the dread embrace of this maddening darkness,
falling forever into the void.

As a nation in possession of our peace, we shall persevere.
Victory shall in its time be restored to each of us by God Himself
where w
e shall together with our own eyes
the triumph of an unimaginable abundance.

As a nation,
we are called by weight of our history
and by the call of our destiny
to rise above our differences.
And to do so with courage and tenacity -
for h
ow else is peace to be defended?

Indeed, my honorable compatriots,
it matters most what unites us than what divides us.

Our differences are diverse
and the cause of many valid concerns,
but they are temporal.

Unity is eternal.

There is no honor in PARTISAN POLITICS if it is utterly disloyal to the singular cause for which it exists.

Partisanship in politics is good but only if it encourages a unity of decision that promotes wisdom in legislation, and therefore, as a constant exercise in one's strength of political judgment.

But if it encourages indecision, paralysis, and reckless action in the Republic for which it is called to serve in responsible government, if it bestows upon its nation no sense of common guidance and unity - partisanship, it may be said, is not politics at all, it is simply plunder.

The Nation and the Responsible State -

We can not demand perfection from the State anymore than God can demand perfection from ourselves without His aid and His authority.

The life of the State is derived from the life of the Nation.

Its authority is a divine authority granted by will of Providence out of the necessity of the people themselves to be governed either by the original line of their kings and rulers (as in a Monarchy) or by their peers (as in a Republic).

It is therefore, composed of human beings - no more, no less. The real power of the Responsible State lies in its ability to unify its peace with the peace of its own Nation - this synergy builds up the Common Market, preserves the peace of civil society, prospers the people and blesses the generations of the people.

This is the labor of our own particular Republic undertaking of Country and is something we must gradually learn from our own common experience as a people united in time and in eternity under the peace of our Republic vision.

It is something that we gradually grow into like a tree growing under the Light of the LORD, our God, and one Sovereign; Almighty God Whose pruning and guidance we must also pay close attention to as a nation entire.

Furthermore, before the promised time of the LORD, it is an imperfect peace and keeps every nation of our one family of the nations of Mankind walking in humility before God always - and for our own good.

There may be many undertakings of Country upon this earth but there is no one undertaking of Country like our own. Neither can this Country be built by any nation other than ourselves.

Therefore, let us build like natives, live like pilgrims, and love like Christians.

Prosper the Peace. Prosper the People.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.

Healing Work

The Shattering