Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Crystal Blue Sphere

a crystal blue sphere,
shining with a multitude of living lights.

The vision came to me quite abruptly
while I was awake in the day,
riding a jeep home from work.

The vision stayed for a time before me as I wondered.
I wondered at how wondrous and beautiful beyond imagination it was
that I thought I was seeing through the eyes of angels.

Then a darkness came over the vision
and it seemed to me for an instant that it was no longer there.

- selah -

But it was, O my nation,
before me was a world so overrun by sin and war
that it was no longer distinct from the nothingness of the void -
an unknown earth bereft of light,
forsook by heaven,
and forgot by God.

A Prayer for Peace


we adore Thee
and we bless Thee!

O most beneficent LORD

and one God of all creation,
rekindle in the hearts of Thy nations
the desire for meaningful peace.

Come, O LORD,
abide with needful Mankind
be again the God of our families and of our lands
reclaim Thy right as our one Sovereign
that loving hearts and willing hands
may learn the ways of Thy grace
and thy faithful bring down from heaven
the blessings of Thy most precious Peace.

Forsake us not, dear LORD
but with Thy holy angels lead us
away from the darkness of our times
and into the Light of Thy Countenance
that all the peoples of needful Mankind
may come to a holy remembrance of Thee
and that we may as one firmament shine
ever like the numberless stars
that you promised of old
to our holy Patriarch Abraham.


The one Code

to our peerless LORD
to the one God
of our Father Abraham,
the one common Creator
of all common creation,
seen and unseen.

To your own sacred remembrances
and the memory of your peace
with God and with each other.

To the overcoming of your War
and the advent of your hope
at the dawn of our new dreaming
as nations together.

To thy own universe within
and to the riches therewith
those treasures that
neither thief nor tyrant
can deprive.

To thy own calling
to serve in the way
of virtue and of peace
and to thy own ascent
upon the one mountain path
whereupon all good things
find their meaning and merit
in the prayer of the heart.

To thy own labors
upon this necessary life
and to the hardships also
that this inhabited earth brings -
May you be satisfied
knowing in your heart
what you truly strive for.

To thy own endeavor of Country
and to the trust of thy own nation
may you embrace with your embracing
these wholes upon wholes
as far and as wide as you could
and with courage
and steadfast persistence
bring all your love
as near as it takes you
to the one Love
that unifies us all
with the one LORD of All.

To our Lord's poor
and to each other
as keeper and as friend -
May we all remain faithful
from always to always
until the final gathering
at the end of days
and the beginning
of all things new.

Salutation #28

(Ode to our Father Abraham)

Wheeling as the numberless stars
across the midnight emptiness
of this season of the sky
toward the eastern advent breaking
of the new millennial age
and the dawning
of a better, kinder world
for all men, women and children
of every nation
of the one covenant family
of the nations of needful Mankind -
the great galaxy of our Father Abraham,
the fulfillment of a promise of old.

Full Spectrum Vision

What is the color of Light, all ye living lights?

It is the color of All the colors of Light!

Verily, I say to you - there are colors in Eternity that are not even present here in our visible human reality.

These are the colors to which prayer alone gives us witness, like promises waiting in the wings of our hoping and our bearing together in the Night; the unseen reality of a myriad other beautiful relationships yet unknown to us on this exiled earth - caught adrift betwixt these tides of darkness and light...

We are the full spectrum vision of living life!

Liberate yourselves from the thinking that human life is all about rigid colors - in the LORD, thy God, darling starshine, each of us becomes part of something more than we can possibly imagine...

Think about it: The visible spectrum of light is only a small portion of the full spectrum of Light.

Salutation #29

(Arcs in the Sky)

the heavens above thee
seemingly unconscious to thy self
is never without its seeing
nor the unseen realms
that embrace and penetrate thee
amidst this unfeeling earth
without its desire for each thy precious company,
this evil is only allowed to tarry for a time,
for We are nearer to each of thee,
our beloved Starshine,
than you can ever imagine.

Keep thee a record,
an account of each thy own heart,
most especially those of thee
who are in the midst of conflicts,
those of thee who are
no less loved than the rest of us
sorely afflicted by the scrouge of War.

For the heavens reign true
to the remembrance of thy longings
and so it is for the needful earth
that you shall begin to write,
O precious Starshine,
and upon this forgetful night
let thy starlight be shed
to trace upon the darkness
thy arcs in the sky.

A Word of Caution -

The spirit of War being conscious of itself will exert maximum effort to prevent our entrance into the door that leads us away from its unfamiliar reign.

I would that we are all individually aware of this - as much as possible - to prevent us from falling into an unacceptable state of complacency.

Because if we do not even try to actively break with the past as nations dreaming together this time, the LORD will hand us over to it.

We will enter into a new age of conflict more terrible than the last.

And we shall descend with the Beast into a new era of desolation lasting perhaps another thousand years.

"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in a time of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality." - Dante, The Inferno

We all are part of the strength that will deliver this world to promise. Or doom it by our own ill will for other people and other nations.

The best way to do justice to the past is to make peace with the present.

Mabuhay po tayong lahat! God bless all His nations of the one family of the nations of Mankind.

An Act of Unity

Hope Taking Wing