Saturday, July 9, 2011


There is an old Chinese saying - "when seeking prosperity, first build a road." I personally subscribe to the timelessness of this wisdom.

Essentially therefore, poverty alleviation in this Country of ours must begin with connection...

Salutation #33

(The Common People)

Why do you find it so difficult to believe?

Filipino ingenuity lives everywhere in our people.
There is passion in our hearts - we are a people with a lot of love to give.
Because of this fire, there is bravery too.

Sometimes, this bravery can be misplaced
and so we must open a way for courage to profess itself
- within the Republic -
in a manner that is not divisive.

Valor must find its way back to its immortal beloved
in the reality of the nation we all must cherish and protect.

There is a mighty patience in our people.
Perseverance is truly present in the soul of the nation -
if it were not so, my honorable compatriots,
we would have descended long ago
into the pits of anarchy and - consumed by endless battle -
we would have ceased to be in our heart of hearts.

Everywhere in our people
- there are willing hearts and humble hands -
productivity is rampant even in the poorest of the poor!
Is this not a reason to be glad?
For productivity when it is duly recognized
leads to more productivity.

Why be so bitter and unbelieving then?
You are not a citizen were it not for citizens like yourself.

Wise up.

We have what it takes to succeed as a nation.
We only have to return once again to an understanding
of ourselves as ourselves.

Ignorance breeds fear for lack of understanding.

What's strange about it all is that people seem to fear the understanding more than the ignorance itself.

"Bless our one Filipino nation,
O LORD and Giver of all good things,
each and every Filipino heart,
that yet believes with conviction
in this endeavor of Country
that we may by our own willingness
be transformed by Thy abundant mercy."

- From Prayer to God as First Defender of the Republic
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Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.

The National Minimum