Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Salutation #40

(New Heavens and the New Earth)

To my Holy Mother Church,
especially to the Church in the Philippines -

of the new heavens and the new earth,
my beloved friend and constant companion -
after our General Judgment at the Last Day
here at the beginning of all things new -
I would that you shall prayerfully
ponder upon these things
that I shall share with each of you:

If the holy angels in heaven are arrayed in their choirs;
our humanity at our restoration shall be arrayed as our one family of nations -
ascended nations, perfected in peace and human community
and infinitely wholesome with all kinds of good things.

For God shall be our Country,
God's perfect Peace shall be our State
and we shall each possess as our eternal belonging,
the wonderful strength of all of our national communities -
all who are good and who have left this world in friendship with God,
reborn and perfected in everlasting friendships with each other in God,
dwelling forever in pious society with all the Holy Angels of God.

True Light shall imbue and permeate our quicksilver reality
with a golden radiance, as the infinite majesty
of the one Presence of the LORD - our one triune Perfection,
shall for all Eternity completely rest
upon the one whole one of our human habitation;
upon all of our worlds, within and without,
shining out unto all of our cities in the visible universe
stretching out from before our feet.

Our own true skies above our souls
shall be conscious and awake to our human longings
and open to the radiant light of our heavens above,
receptive to all our heart's yearnings
as well as responsive to our mind's eagerness to learn -
for not only shall we be ageless as the Angels of the LORD,
we shall also be timeless as they are timeless
and travel the way the timeless and the ageless travel - by speed of spirit -
moving from thought to thought, love to love,
faster than light, sliding from moment to moment,
and we shall nevermore feel pain nor hunger,
neither shall the fear of separation or death anymore haunt our steps
as we labor to discover and understand - together - without effort
the inexhaustible mysteries of time and creation, salvation and redemption -
ever as the vision of our LORD opens up to our souls - face to face -
to bring our lives forevermore into a state of constant felicity.

greatest and most exquisite of all wonders -
our Savior, Jesus Christ - our one True Light,
shall walk among us once again - bodily -
even as the most gentle mind and the most loving heart
of our Lord Christ dwells with us from within
as our own true rest,
ever as timeless as the Peace of the Holy Spirit of God
- within our souls -
bringing us into a permanent unity with the Father in Eternity
and into communion with all the blessed Saints of God -
those prophets, kings, queens, bishops
and the all the true heroes of all Mankind -
each and every one of them servants and friends to Him alike
- from all times and from all places -
whose living fruits are made edible for All and fruitful forever
who are, each of them, elect of the LORD from Eternity
and upon whose happy company we shall be included forever
as the one ascended family of the perfected nations of Mankind.

And we shall know all of this
and many more things when we get there, Beloved of God -
but verily, we will not get there - at the one gathering -
as perfected nations lest our own nations survive here
in this midnight place of War and sin;
here in our hearts, here in our poor world.

my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ,
at the approach of the closing of 2012, do not be disturbed,
for there shall be many who will say that the hour of the LORD is here.

But until God Himself decides to work out the way
to bring about His promised hour, as it is foretold by our Savior Himself,
let us bear in mind - here and now -

No man, no angel, not even our Lord JESUS CHRIST Himself,
knows the exact hour of the Last Day;
only God the Father knows precisely when the gossamer veil of time
shall be ripped in two
and our fragile, shadowy existence
directly exposed to the unmitigated, immovable, supernatural reality
of the blinding purity of the Divine existence.

So in the unfolding of our reality today,
my beloved friend and constant companion,
here in this present time,
even as War is still among our nations,
let us be sure that sufficient to the evil therewith
is the light of our Day, shining from within,
ever as the numberless stars of our Father Abraham.
Let us be constantly mindful of all of these things
that we may learn to respect and understand
the reason why things are they way they must be:

Why we must make this choice for Peace
here in our hearts, here in our lives,
here in our nations, here in our Midnight world,
under this greater season of Sky
or forever lose something good in our becoming
- as nations dreaming together this time -
that we will never know the completeness of.

I commend to you the request of our Lady
that we pray for each other and all people of good will
- everyday - as much as we can (when not doing so at Holy Mass)
and work in our hearts to preserve our horizontal relationships
as true individuals reborn in the Spirit of Christ,
as family to our families, as friends to our friends,
as citizens of our nation and of all nations,
and as faithful and obedient children of our Holy Mother Church -
even through her Rosary of Hope.
For the salvation of so many rests on so very few.

These are perilous times indeed.
But we should never fall into a state of despair,
my friends - God has overcome the world - for us.

General Judgement - An Outline

  • The Song of Moses and the vigilant hymn of the Triumphant Church.
  • Some will not taste death: The final triumph of the Militant Church.
  • The emptying of the tomb: the Resurrection of the Body.
  • The gathering of the one family of the nations of Mankind.
  • The public revelation of the mysteries of salvation.
  • The passing of judgment prepared from the foundation of the world.
  • The breaking of the midnight world: the passing away of the exile darkness.
  • The end of the necessitate Suffering Church.
  • Sin exorcised forever: the eradication of death and suffering.
  • God wipes away all tears: the exorcism of the pain of memory.
  • The reunification of heaven and the inhabited earth: the final liberation of the habitations of life.
  • The Beatific Vision: The nature of the finite and the infinite reward for virtue.
  • The citizens of the Holy City: Why one must never judge without hope.
  • The noble society of Men and Angels: the friendships that remain are the friendships that shall remain forever.
  • The end of the beginning at the beginning of all things new.
  • Happiness becomes a dedicated place as well as a state of being.
  • Hellfire becomes a dedicated place as well as a state of being.
  • The everlasting death of Satan and the reprobate, of forsaken memory.
  • Epilogue - Our Peace is Prologue: The Sacred Wounds of our Lord Christ: The Love that remembers is the Love that remains: one Love, one LORD, and We, one People - forever.

The First Law of Human Possession

Why did God create the universe first before creating Man?

Because Man belongs to the universe and not the universe to Man.

Nature is not a mere possession that extends out from the hand of Man but rather, Man is its necessary keeper so that from the hand of Man through the goodness of God, Nature is made complete - for Man.

This is the first law of human possession - what Man desires to possess Man must first make complete. For the resources of the earth (and the universe entire) may only be truly possessed by Man by its completion in Him.

Man possesses Nature inasmuch as Nature is made complete by Man through God - for Man - and not destroyed by token of Man's irresponsible use of his or her own human powers.

When I think of this in practical terms, I am presently inclined to think about our current policies regarding land use.

Mabuhay po tayong lahat! God bless all His nations of the one family of the nations of Mankind.

Common Ground