Thursday, July 7, 2011


Salutation #31

(Who is Greatest?)

PEACE be with you, Starshine -

The question may arise
from issues arising from the most recent history of our world
about the better undertaking of Country
between an orphaned nation and its Republic
and those nations who yet possess (and are therefore still possessed of)
its original line of hereditary rulers -
its kings, queens, and princes - eternally elect of old.

Let us bear in mind - first of all -
that we now live in a different paradigm
than the one before our age:

The better undertaking of Country
is the one best able to fulfill its mission
mandated by heaven
and established by the LORD
from the autumnal dusk of our faded Eden -
at the very beginning of exile time
and the long march of our nations -
whether which one, it depends singularly
on its will of obedience
and submission to the truth
invested by God in all human nations -
for all Country is ruled by its own remembrance of these.

The nearer we are to the Peace that prospers,
the further we are from the War that scatters -
the nearer we are to the War that scatters,
the further we shall stray from the memory of God and Nation,
and the worse shall the atmosphere of our Country become.

A Monarchy that is faithful is better than a Republic that is adulterous to itself.

Likewise, a Monarchy that is no longer possessed
of its own virtue as an institution intrinsic to the Responsible State
being eternally invested by the LORD
with the singular authority to order the government of its people in the nation
is worse than a Republic yet caught in the chaos of its own revolution.

For a Monarchy without its virtue is in reality a tyranny in all but name.

No Country upon this earth at this point in time
is truly ignorant of the calling
to which we are all inclined by these times to fulfill -
for the world upon which we have all invested
our lives, our labors and our fortunes together as nations
is but one world and it lies in great peril.

We all are part of the strength that will deliver this world to promise.
Or doom it by our own ill will for other people and other nations.

Therefore, we must always seek
to preserve the national good will in each our selves.

Let us say, "peace be to all the nations
of the one family of the nations of Mankind -
glory, honor, and praise be to the LORD, our King forever."

For it is sufficient for us to know
that all human nations are ruled by their remembrance -
not by any random chance, and never by War.

And since we are a Republic,
my honorable Filipino compatriots,
let us be imbued with the spirit of a Republic in our soul.

Let us make this Country of ours work not by being better
- or think that we are better -
than other Countries but by being better
than our own worst selves.

For it is only by besting the false image of ourselves
that we shall truly succeed - together this time.

What we shall attract come 2012
at the time of our testing as nations together this time
depend singularly on the convictions we are building here today -
for there is nothing random about the things that happen to nations.

Individual awakenings lead to a national awakening
2009-2012 - work of the heart).

National awakenings lead to a general strengthening of our one family of nations
2012-2045 - work of the hands).

- selah -

the greatest undertaking of Country upon our earth
depends on where you are placed by the Providence of God -
if you choose to grow where you are planted,
if you choose to shine as you should
in the darkness where you are most needed,
by the power of the LORD, thy most beneficent God,
through the blessings of Providence Divine,
then that place is the greatest place in the world
for you and for everybody around you.

The greatest is the most faithful.

Mabuhay po tayong lahat! Long may our remembrance serve us. God bless all His nations of the one family of the nations of Mankind.

On Obedience