Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Salutation #124

In this way
all are made to be strong
and when all are strong,
the nation is ever at peace.

For those who have
and those who doesn't have
give to each other
- according to the freedom of our freedoms -
something that each the other
may not gain
by themselves alone.

Industry thrives,
and all the people thrive
in industry.

(Labor Day 2012)

Today is Labor Day 2012.

A Republic is
a particular work of Country
and today is that day of days
we remember the toils of the common man
upon which splendor and virtue - each of us -
must constantly build and rely upon.

The day we remember
the toils of the common man, 
is the moment we shall finally understand 
the endeavors of our own humanity 
to be happy and therefore, free!

For the success of our nation's daily pursuits 
to liberate our generations (as a whole)
from the bondages of this world -
   from illnesses, from pains, from wars,
   from suffering, from corruption, from vices,
   from grief, from decay (both corporal and spiritual)
   and from death, even the final death -
is an unfolding work of a promised reality
we must constantly strive to master and to gain
from the realizations we shall together
profit - from this understanding.

- selah -

Today we reflect
upon the value of our labors -

   (Consider now, if you please,
   my brothers and sisters of the Promise, 
   your present abode - how it became -
   even before you called it a home;
   or the food upon thy table, or the water in thy glass,
   or the road before thy way, or the clothing on thy back -
   trace each their memory forth from thee - and understand -
   how you are made able to reap its blessings
   seemingly without sowing?

   For these are only these
   due to the nationhood in each of us 
   as well as through the nations that are all of us.)

How we cherish it.

How we recognize it.

How we appreciate
its potential, its dignity,
and its lasting contributions
in ourselves, in others like ourselves,
as a nation, and as a Country.

And therefore,
how we, as a nation,
have chosen to reward our laborers
a share of the national wealth -
   (i.e. with and through riches not just monetary
   or merely momentary in their natures.)
from least to great,
especially the least of all.