Saturday, May 19, 2012


We hate America
and we love America 
all at the same time - it seems.

Not because of America as herself 
but because we may at times be conflicted.

- selah -

We define our relationships
and we may only define those realities 
that exist within our focus.

When we know ourselves, 
we will also know our friends. 

And the sooner this awakening 
completes itself in our soul as a nation, 
the better.

- selah -

Is it America's fault then,
my fellow Filipino compatriots,
that we're so conflicted about America?

Here is where I personally stand -

I am neither pro-America nor anti-America.

I subscribe to neither schools of thought
for both of these teaches a form of exclusion
that estranges us from the reality of our nationhood.

The truth is
we can not live to be other people
- just the same as -
we can not live without other people.

We may only believe in the best of America,
trust in the best of America, build upon the best of America
- all the while remaining true to ourselves as ourselves -
with each our hearts abiding - as one -
steadfastly here in the land and in the Republic
where we all as one nation
rightly belong.

This is not hard to do
if we know who we are, my people,
and we may only come to know who we are
if we refuse to let our national identity be defined
by hatreds, divisions, and all manner of evil inspirations.

Embracing the Times