Thursday, May 17, 2012

Remembrance as Virtue

Yet in Your great mercy You did not forsake them in the desert.

The column of cloud did not cease to lead them by day on their journey, nor did the column of fire by night cease to light for them the way by which they were to travel.

Your good Spirit You bestowed on them, to give them understanding; Your manna You did not withhold from their mouths, and You gave them water in their thirst.

Nehemiah 9: 19-20

my brothers and sisters of the Promise -

Our remembrance is virtue.

It is born of the cardinal virtue, Justice.

One who is thus
guided by remembrance
can not be by evil inspired.

For no virtue may be possessed
for purposes that are unbecoming and evil.

Our remembrance does not serve
to throw thy present into the confusion of the past.

But serves to add to the momentum of thy present
the present hopes of every generation past.

- selah -

If the present seem dim, O my nation,
it is because the future seem distant.

And the future only seem distant
because the glories of the past
is somewhere forgot.

Therefore -

Remember the good things
and build upon it.

Remember the evil things
and let this lead you to a remembrance
of the good things.

Never build upon evil inspiration.

- selah -

It is not remembrance
to hold on to a hatred of past things
and remain in thrall of the gravity of War.

For what redeems is only virtue;
goodness sufficient for every generation.

By virtue this long night is overcome!

(original produced 20110610)