Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happily Single

I'm not actually lonely...

I just like listening to lonely songs.

The best one for me at the moment is "Old Songs" by David Pomeranz.

Maybe I was lonely at one point in my life...

Maybe at one time in my past, "Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone" by Glen Medieros.

However, I don't feel myself trapped in the past anymore.

I used to cry with lonely songs. Now, I just sing with them. I sing with them and I feel no hurt. In fact, lonely songs these days relax me.

I know what they're expressing. I also know what I'm expressing. And everything else comes together in harmony. It's a sweet deal.

I have found there are many true loves in this world. 

All of them possess the potential to perfect an already complete person. The love of God and of all of God's creatures, the love of Country and of one's common humanity, I have come to realize such loves as distinct in themselves. Distinct from conjugal love nurtured from within the safety and surety of the marriage covenant.

There are different vows. Different rules. Different codes. Different indiviuals. Different communities. But
only a complete person can fall in love with any of them completely.

Only two complete individuals can fall in love perfectly. It would be nice to have a woman by my side. But I and I alone complete myself.

Love completes. Lovers perfect.

As I sing with my lonely songs I feel as if I'm almost there... on a journey that seem never ending.