Tuesday, August 5, 2014


The desolation of Gaza

Gaza. Gaza is a victim. Trodden ground. Trampled people. Gaza is bleeding. Crying out. In the silence. Afraid.

She is afraid of HAMAS. She is afraid of Israel. So Gaza weeps. As the media puts words in her mouth. True and untrue. Regardless. Gaza weeps. And she bleeds.

Her children are crying. Their future is dying. But the war is louder. A beast has her in its grip. Why is no one fighting for her precious ones?

Death? Life? In the middle is Gaza. In the middle Dying. Trodden ground. Trampled people. Crying out in the silence. Afraid.

I love the inhabitants of the Holy Land. Absolutely. Relentlessly. I love them all with a singleness of heart.

I realize there are nations in that region. And that the region itself is under siege by the domination of war. So I do not like to choose sides.

I hate playing one nation against the other. It is easy to do. That is why it is wrong. For the same reason hatred is wrong. Hatred must choose a side.

Love holds to no sides. And love is hard. Compassion is difficult in the midst of conflict. But entirely worth it. For hatred produces nothing, leads to nothing, is nothing. In love, everything finds itself again.

So all this wounding is painful indeed. But the hatred that feeds it is a fire that will be extinguished by its own need to burn brightly.

It does not matter the sides. Love is eternal. Unity is eternal.

HAMAS started this conflict. HAMAS has no business launching rockets into Israel. Nations can not be destroyed from the outside. What for is this being done? It has stirred up a hornet's nest.

Neither HAMAS nor Israel has total control of the situation. War has taken control of the situation. Everything is being drawn into its gravity.

Therefore -

Honor the truce. Dictate one condition: Alleviate suffering Gaza.

Wrest some control back from the main enemy. From the war itself.

Set the end conditions. Begin to contain the conflict. Be reminded of thy common stewardship of the region and of its fledgling tomorrow. Draw it near.

Fight your battles. But leave the common people out of it.

Our world is a fragile, beautiful world. It instantly turns to dust and ashes when we disagree. Our world is a beautiful world. It is vision. Can you see?

Let us build. Though at times we disagree on how. Let us have vision. Our place in this world is here. And it is also there. Let us believe. Let us build it. Can we?

What we sow in questions, after we have partaken of the seasonal harvests of understanding, we reap in more questions. What kind of a world do you believe in? 

What do you see, darling Starshine?

Let us from all nations and all faiths hope, work, and pray together
for meaningful, equitable, durable Peace in the Middle East.

Salaam. Shalom. Peace. Mabuhay po tayong lahat.