Thursday, August 7, 2014

Song for Anne

Listen to me, my heart
From despair of this world depart
T'was the same ever since, ever since
'Tis the same tears, t'was the same fears
Troubles seldom seen, voices no one hears.

There was beauty, my love!
Like autumnal leaves, from so many trees
In an instance departing, floating down
T'was all a-falling down, falling down
From this grieving arboreal realm.

Beauty is dying, my heart
She has been dying from the very start
Under unseeing skies, just below heaven's eyes
Precious summer blossoms falling asleep, falling asleep
Seeds of another season of wildflowers, burying deep.

Destined for spring.

In this world,
our precious Starshine,
we are all exiles and immigrants.

In the end,
we are all wildflowers.