Thursday, August 14, 2014

Salutation #198

(The Three Branches of our Republic Government)

The Three Branches of our Republic government
works best when they stand on their own merit.

They are like expert Judokas, powerful
when they have their feet solidly under them.

They do not need the intermingling of each other's powers
to be able to fulfill their functions - within and for - this Republic.

In fact, the Three support each other best
by winning all of their fights on their own terms.

They are like a unit that way -
a unified form of popular government;
a strong and self-confident champion of
our Filipino people.

Corruption blurred the lines. 

It did so to the point
that there are claims of independence
between the Three that seem ridiculous
for being so explicitly self-serving.

The Three can not stand apart. 

At the same time,
they have to win their battles
- independently -
standing on their own strengths,
prevailing by their own lineages,
and winning through its own merits.

That way, the Republic is preserved - for the Nation;
the Nation from which we all rise at Day, and rest at Night -
till the end of time - as we know it.