Friday, August 15, 2014

Thank you for the Laughter

This is how I want to remember Robin Williams - as Mork from Mork and Mindy and also as the voice of the Genie from Disney's Aladdin. Boy, that Genie could talk.

I remember the 80's as a decade when TV helped bring families and friends together.

We watched our favorites TV shows with family at home. Then we talk about them at school with friends.

I'm an 80's kid. So I want to remember a great artist, who gave me a few of my laugh lines, a master of his craft... and not the crappy politics some people seem to be spouting in the wake of his loss.

Too much tragedy in our times, I think... large, looming, scary.

We need more comedy.

I have learned something true about great comedians. Their comedy is usually more or less proportional to the tragedy in their lives. Their comedy is good to great because have learned to deal with tragedy as a reality in their lives. They live or have learned to live with a sense of tragedy.

They are authentic people. Authentic people tend to produce real comedy.

People cry when they hurt to help them deal better, I understand. It helps us breathe better. I do it too.

But those who can afford to allow themselves some laughter, momentarily can forget the pain. The essence of comedy is contained in these small moments, I think.

When laughter is the matter, everything large about life seems to momentarily flee the scene...

For some people, it means a lot to be able to laugh. It's mostly free and when taken properly, is as good as any pricey mental health medicine.

People like me.

I value comedy. I can deal with the drama but not the saga.

Speaking of laughter though, as a willing recipient of other people's good humor is different from being the one dealing it out on stage or screen. It is a lot harder I think when you're the one telling the jokes, especially if you're one of the best.

And more so I guess, when you're in pain.

So thank you, Mr. Williams - via con Dios. Salamat po. Sorry I used to mistake you for John Ritter from Three's Company for some reason...

And to all great comedians, love and admiration.

Life here on this world is a tragedy. But contained in this life, are moments of relief. Small moments.

We find solace in these small moments. Laughter itself conceals its own small moments. And hidden in these small moments, after the wind, the shaking, and the fire, a silence...