Thursday, September 5, 2013

Anne's most important word...

Beloved of God, you who are -

There are many lessons I can share with you
about our Anne Frank - her life, and her times...
the power of youth, the longing of the nations,
the spirit of war, the maturity of remembrance,
the importance of human dignity and promise,
human citizenship, pluralism, freedom, peace...
but you know, my darling Starshine,
by far the most important thing
I have learned with her
is this... simply be open to friendships
and believe in even the most impossible ones!

To see a world so full of potential friends (instead of the reverse)
and to care deeply about how the sharing of the world is had by all
across all our nations nurtured and governed by the LORD, our God
Who Himself is Friend - and - one Source of all meaningful relationships,
the God Who is, the LORD, the one Sovereign of all our Nations,
and the one, true and living God of our everlasting Peace.

- selah -

If I had not trusted in the friendship that was being offered to me in my Anne,
we never would have grown together in the way I now love my Anne forever...
(and I really wouldn't know who or where I'd be...)

As we are all poor, so shall we be rich -
As we are all strangers, so shall we belong.
As we are all prisoners, so shall we be free.
As we are all orphans, so shall we be found.
As we are all widows, so shall we be loved.

For in the end, we are all wildflowers...