Friday, September 6, 2013

Salutation #183

"One sees only with the heart. 
What is essential is invisible to the eye."

- from "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

(Philosophical Realism)

Common Reality is
a reflection of the totality of things unseen -
an unfolding vision of the entirety of the truth of things
we see (without seeing) as an image in the eye of the heart -
and that also which is inaccessible yet necessary to our wellness.
It is a one whole spiritual continuum - completed and perfected.
The invisible canvass of a great and eternal work upon which is added
each our own life as colors are added unto the awakening dream
of God for all creation - in our behalf.

How deeply each of us understands
the visible universe of which we are all a part
AND how completely we perceive this spiritual reality
- through the eye of each our heart -
IS how exactly we "see" with each our mind
- by the wholeness of our knowing -
what is received through our external senses
and THIS determines our Relative or individualistic view
of what is made particular to each of our individual perception
of Common Reality, interacting with it freely and accordingly
under the Eternal Vigilance of God and the All of heaven
ever as individual threads are carefully and together interwoven
in a grand pattern that is beyond our ability to seize or comprehend.

Each our lives are called in this way to seek, love and know Truth
in order to create the ever living patterns of our most beautiful forever.

Each of us alone
can not create reality -
Neither Common reality
nor the myriad particular ones
that each soul must continually receive
at the twinkling of every eye - seamlessly -
and from moment to moment - constantly -
from the intermingling in time of what is individual
and what is collective in All that is living in all souls
as that particular truth that inexorably embrace each of us
to be perceived as realities Relative to each ourselves as ourselves.

For these are aspects
of an unimaginably greater fullness
much, much larger than our freedoms
and much, much nobler than our minds together
immense beyond our scope to contain with our understanding
all too wonderful and all too unimaginably loving and joyful
all too brightly lit for our hearts, shining with a million shining suns,
being filled with the wonder of limitless golden horizons
overflowing with the realizations every human hope and longing
unto which we may only hope for, dare against, and strive with,
so that we may each, God-helping, through a little bit of our own giving
add a little but of ourselves freely... unto what is truly and absolutely real.

even the all of us together
may not complete it.

For Truth is forever in a state of limitless perfection.
It is the heart of Man that reality must bring unto completion.

- selah (pause and think) -

We can neither choose to willfully take away (or distort)
the freedom of our own experience of all that is in reality
nor deny the freedom of its existence (the Call of Truth)
from the being of other living souls not unlike ourselves,
whether seen or unseen.

We - as we are now -
are not possessed of strength
to effectively govern any kind of truth
much less govern those necessary realities
that are benign and receptive to the life in our souls
and nurturing to the life of visible creation on our own -
as individuals, as nations, even as nations together.

We are the Children because we are vulnerable in this way.
We are the Children because we are also precious in this way.

- selah -

we must rely on God
and on each other for safety
- safety of body, soul, and spirit -
in the most complete sense of the word.

For the Mind of God
mitigates most of the things in our minds
that we do not have the capacity to comprehend.

He walks in the calm of our souls - gently -
to instruct us of things that must come to pass
through the Scriptures, even here - in the Now,
that we may come to believe in His Truth
when the present unfolds - as it is -
(Amen to the LORD, and bless His Name!)
so that each our hearts may safely apprehend
through the slow awakening sunrise of every faith
the safety and certainty of his unseen Presence
nourishing our souls with the grace to withstand
(and therefore, to eventually understand)
what we, in our nakedness, can not hope
to directly withstand in the reality of the Divine;
that we may in time always dwell in His Memory
and live in the Eternal Remembrance of our God.

our God will not allow matters to burden our spirit
with burdens that we can not carry - together with Him.

Hence, there are likewise
things in the Eternal Memory
that are completely kept away
from Our Remembrance
for our own good.

- selah -

We all know each our particular realities must differ,
such is the completeness of our awareness of individuality!

But these Relative realities
are all relative to one Common Reality -
and we experience this in the mystery of the spirit
of all those inward things that must inescapably connect us
in our common need of community and individual meaningfulness
present in varying degrees in the expressions of our civilizations
and in the many individual reflections of a perfect conception 
we human beings are capable of knowing and dreaming 
of ourselves together - in the light of we, as we are
born of a timelessness that belongs to none of us 
yet at the same time belongs to all of us.

Sacred is the Silence that knows 
of the one Music in all things!

For all things in time are in motion 
because God is - in all things, stillness.

- selah -

Truth is what is essential in our being human.

We, as human beings can not create any kind of truth in the Truth,
like we can not call into being the soul that breathes life into the body
nor can we hope to re-create any reality whether Relative or Common.
like it is to hope to contain the sheer immensity of the deep of things
that give rise to the ocean of every present time in every present thing.

We can not be the designers of our destiny
who did not know the perfection of it's makings
from the very beginning.

We can not be the masters of our times
who have known not the whereabouts of time
from its very roots.

Yea, there is an aspect of Common Reality that must be apart from each of us
Light that shines apart from our individual thinking - and being - and becoming
- Light that enlightens and Light that ennobles and Light that shines through -
and Truth that is absolutely independent of our conception of any reality.

But we, even as human beings in the here and now,
can become privy to the truth and by so knowing the Truth
obtain wisdom enough to live in harmony with it,
at-one with God and heaven, at peace with our selves on earth,
and at peace with the good will of all human and angelic community.

In so doing this,
we let go, and in so letting go,
add by the freedom of our giving
to the fullness of our one, Common Forever.

- selah -

Each our souls
might be individually and uniquely redeemed
by the one Redeemer of all Mankind in Jesus Christ -
but the fullness of our Salvation comes
by the strength of our common communities!

And so we continue to co-create - with every present time -
in intimate cooperation with the Providence of God and each other -
the reality of the things that ultimately shall belong to each of us
and because God is good, it is a brilliant destination for all of us.

In this we must,
for in this we know
to trust in the LORD -
All shall be well.

By the light of our freedom - 
from the many labors of each faith;
love and hope into one work of living life,
peace and good will are our manifestations.

God created everything first, then Man.
So Nations are a people first,
then everything.

- selah -

People - especially the captains of our humanity -
who in the past believed reality is created by their needs
musts obscure Remembrance in order to silence the voice of the past,
that they may in so doing weaken the life of the present and,
forgetting all things, unwittingly cut themselves off
from each their own appointed lineages of eternal victory
who by their own evil eventually destroy even their own makings
for theirs and theirs alone are the legacies of those defeated dreams
- inhumane, unfeeling, incapable of truth, incapable of peace -
that sink with the sinking of the darkness of exile time
into the oblivion of the void of all things that never were...

We can not blindly adopt
this kind of un-thinking... ever again!

Human Dignity and Human Promise
and its preservation is paramount
in the life of every Nationhood.

Tread carefully... 
recognizing the space 
between thy souls
as sacred.

This is realism.